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   Postcode-Based Fee/Discount Additional Images to Product Tab    Item-Based Shipping [VQMOD] OpenCart Search Pro 1.5.X    Restrict Payment Methods
attached files download [support FTP upload]
Multi files extension Available Icon extension .7z, .arj, .audio, .avi, .bat, .bin, .bmp, .dl..
Price: $24.99
Average Rating: 5
Comments: 29
{vqmod} Download free downloadable products without checkout
This is a vqmod extension, which will allow your customers to download free downloadable products wi..
Price: $12.00
Average Rating: 5
Comments: 64
Secure Product Downloads with Total Encryption
Additional Security for your Digital Products is ESSENTIAL! Protect your files, protect your busines..
Price: $19.99
Average Rating: 5
Comments: 13
Download Option Product
This extension allows you to attach a file to download product "options" When purchasing ..
Price: $27.00
Average Rating: 5
Comments: 42
Fix File Downloads Hangs/Stuck (vQmod)
Are you having problems downloading products that contain downloadable files? Are you seeing err..
Price: $10.00
Average Rating: Not Yet Rated
Comments: 0
Download Auto-Insert
DEMO VIDEO SAME VERSION FOR 1.4.X WORKS FOR 1.5.X! What does it do: ================ This mo..
Price: $19.99
Average Rating: 5
Comments: 126
PDF product Download
This extension enables you to upload documents downloadable to your product, Accept PDF files. For..
Price: $10.00
Average Rating: 1
Comments: 11
One Push Download
Description This mod is intent to push the latest / additional download files to existing sales ord..
Price: $20.00
Average Rating: 4
Comments: 20
Product Option download
This extension will allow you to attach file/files to a product option. User will be able to downlo..
Price: $25.00
Average Rating: 3
Comments: 18
Public downloads for product (1.5.x)
Public downloads for product will add a new tab in product page with all the available downloads for..
Price: $10.00
Average Rating: 4
Comments: 18
URL Remote Image - add and use remote images
This mod adds the possibility to add images from urls/link to Opencart. The images will not be dow..
Price: $19.99
Average Rating: 4
Comments: 43
Remove Download Links - vQmod
This vqmod removes the download links from the account area. It simply comments these links out and ..
License: Free
Average Rating: 5
Comments: 20
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