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Custom Registration Fields

Custom Registration Fields
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Developer frank79
Date Added 3 February 2013 Request Support
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Custom Registration Fields is the extension that allows you to show and hide any registration and checkout field.
You also can set each field to be *required or optional.

NEW: Custom Registration Fields is now fully compatible with Opencart 2.0 which allows you to add unlimited custom fields.

The regular price of Custom Registration Fields is 59$, buy it now and SAVE 20$.

List of default fields you can display or hide and set to be required or optional:

- First name
- Last name
- E-mail
- Telephone
- Fax

- Password confirm
- Company
- Address 1
- Address 2
- City
- Country (if is hidden, you can select a default country for the Region/State)

- Postcode
- Region/State

- Checkbox Newsletter
- Checkbox Billing and delivery address are the same
- Checkbox Agree with Terms/Privacy

Checkboxes can be set to yes or no by default

- Customer Groups
- Company id
- Tax id

Changes also affect the customer account pages "Edit account" and "Edit Address".

On Opencart 2+ you can add unlimited custom fields of the following types:.

- Text
- Textarea
- Select
- Radio
- Checkbox
- File upload
- Date
- Time

Increase your profits

From our experience, this extension can increase your sales conversion rate up to 40%. According to researchers, the average Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate of e-commerce websites is 65%. By only displaying the necessary fields, you will speed up the registration process and provide a better user experience.

As result, you will be able to significantly reduce the abandonment rate and increase your sales. When a field is mandatory, the validator checks that incorrect data are not entered.

Stop Spammers with the new AntiSpam Shield

Spam costs your business time and money. To fight spam, websites put captchas on their registration forms. Traditional captchas stop spambots from spamming the site. However, captchas can also stop users from filling out your form. That’s the last thing you want when you’re running a business.
Custom Registration Fields uses a non intrusive approach that stops spambots only while humans are still be able to register (Antispam Shield is invisible to users).

Advantages of Antispam Shield

- It Stops Spambots ONLY
- It is Invisible to users
- Users don't need to fill out any captcha
- It increases your conversion rates. Users will not being discouraged to complete the registration
by traditional captcha systems, often too complicated and hard to read.

Add your own CSS and Javascript

Custom Registration Fields allows you to easily style your forms by adding your own CSS and Javascript/jQuery code to the registration forms without modifying any template or core file.

The extension doesn't replace any core file and it is 100% compatible with any theme.

FREE technical support GUARANTEED. Any questions? contact us!
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This module is VERY EASY to inslall, just copy the files in your opencart folder, then open the file "how to install.txt" contained in the zip file and follow the instructions.

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