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Live Update Price PACKAGE with equal = * / +% -% operations

Live Update Price PACKAGE with equal = * / +% -%  operations
Extension Name Live Update Price PACKAGE with equal = * / +% -% operations Rating 1 2 3 4 5
License Commercial Votes 4
Price $12.99 Views 3253
Developer ooleonoo Sales 67
Date Added 5 May 2013 Request Support
Date Modified 6 January 2014 Report extension
demo: http://www.lagala.ro/furtune/Furtun-aspiratie

This is a package for option price.
1 - Live Update Product Price with Option Price

- Updates the price when options are changed
- Dynamically supports unlimited options
- Works with Reg Price and Special prices
- Works with all currencies. Retains the symbol & decimals
- Supports all 3 prices (price, special, and price excluding tax)
- Supports all cost driven options (select, radio, & checkbox)

2. Option = * / +% -% + - Price Module
- It gives the possibility to use more operators like = / * +% -% in option section (not just -/+).

3. Enter percents for discounts and specials
If you want to be able to apply discounts & specials by percentage, this is a quick mod to allow it. This particular mod works by taking the percentage at the time of entry and converting it to a value.

If you have a product that is $125
and you want to give 10% off you can simply type "10%" in the discount/special price field. When you click save, it will convert it to $12.50. Then subtract that from the normal price. Making the Special price of 10% off of 125 = $112.50. The next time you edit that product, the special/discount will show "12.50". So the percentage is calculated at the time of saving.

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This modification has been tested on versions
With opencart version 1.5.6 it has some minor issues.
All main code is stored in separate file. All edits done with vQmod (Required).
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option package 1.5.4,, 1.5.5,, 1.5.6 [ Download ]

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