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Product Questions & Answers / Ask a question

Product Questions & Answers / Ask a question
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Extension Name Product Questions & Answers / Ask a question Rating 1 2 3 4 5
License Commercial Votes 33
Price $19.99 Sales 387
Developer bull5-i
Date Added 22 January 2011 Request Support
Date Modified 9 August 2016 Report extension
What does it do?
This extension allows customers to ask questions regarding your products by adding a new tab named "Q & A" (you may rename the tab to whatever you like) to the product pages together with a link "Ask a question" next to the "Write a review" link. The Q & A tab contains all previously asked questions together with their answers and a question form for asking a new questions. You will be notified about every new question via email, so you can reply directly to the customer from your e-mail client or answer in the shop admin panel. On multilingual shops you can direct questions to different notification addresses depending on the language. Questions can be updated in admin section. After the question has been answered in the shop admin panel, the customer will receive the answer by email and the answer can also be viewed on the product page (if the question is enabled). You can set questions to be visible immediately after submission or only after approval by administrator.

The administration panel dashboard will show a total number of questions that have been asked and the number of questions waiting to be answered.

  • Customizable question form
    Option to show / hide / require name, email, phone and a custom field on the question submission form
  • Customizable display options
    Option to show / hide questioner name, question date, respondent name and response date
  • New question moderation
    Automatically show new questions or hide until enabled/moderated by administrator
  • Multilingual questions
    Option to show questions in all languages or only in the current language
  • Multi-store questions
    Questions can be linked with each store separately
  • Admin email notifications
    New question notification alerts with all the information about the question and questioner will be sent to the admin email address(es). You can configure different email addresses for each installed language. Additionally you can choose whether to receive the alerts from store email address or from customer address (enables direct reply in mail client)
  • Customer email notifications
    After the question has been answered, the customer will receive the answer by email
  • SEO firendly
    Load the first page or all QAs without AJAX
  • Fully AJAX based
    No page refresh is needed to submit a question or navigage the questions
  • Customizable email templates
    Professional and customizable HTML e-mail templates with plain-text fallback
  • Dashboard widget
    Show total number of questions and recent change with a dashboard widget (OpenCart 2.0)
  • Option to control the number of questions displayed per page

Live Demo
OpenCart 2.0 Store / Admin (user/password: demo)
OpenCart 1.5 Store / Admin (user/password: demo)

Current version 1.8.7

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Download Name Compatibility Action
Questions&Answers_oc151x-156x [v1.7.6] 1.5.2,, 1.5.3,, 1.5.4,, 1.5.5,, 1.5.6,,,, [ Download ]
Questions&Answers_oc20x-22x [v1.8.6],,,,,,, [ Download ]
Questions&Answers_oc23x [v1.8.7],, [ Download ]

Comments are for pre-sale questions and ratings only! Please see the extension store policy here.
Support email address can be found in the extension installation instructions file inside the archive or on the extension settings page under the Support section.

- OpenCart 1.4.9 or later (as specified)
- official VQMod 2.3.2 or later (as specified)

OpenCart 2.0 Extension Installer compatible!

Problems & Questions
Please contact me on the support email address found in the included documentation if you have issues with the extension, please do not raise them in the comments section.
For pre-sale questions about the extension, please leave a comment, post in the forum thread or send me a message.

Documentation is included in the package.

As adding a tab is template specific, the extension will have to be tailored to any custom theme peculiarities. The extension comes with full support for the default theme which is a good base for custom theme integration. I can also provide custom theme integration & installation service for a fee.

MijoShop and AceShop
MijoShop compatible version can be purchased from MED
The extension is untested on AceShop installation. Any customization to the extension to work with AceShop will require additional fees.

Release notes:
v1.8.7 (22/07/2016) [OpenCart Versions: 2.x.x.x]
- Fixed: Support for OpenCart

v1.8.6 (06/03/2016) [OpenCart Versions: 2.x.x.x]
- Fixed: Support for OpenCart

v1.8.5 (26/10/2015) [OpenCart Versions: 2.x.x.x]
- Fixed: Captcha check causes validation error for OpenCart 2.0.2+

v1.8.4 (01/10/2015) [OpenCart Versions: 2.x.x.x]
- Fixed: E-mail notifications for OpenCart 2.0.3+

v1.8.3 (30/08/2015) [OpenCart Versions: 2.0.x.x]
- Changed: Moved theme integration into separate VQMod
- Changed: Some code refactoring and UI improvements

v1.8.2 (14/05/2015) [OpenCart Versions: 2.0.x.x]
- Fixed: Question and answer content escaping
- Fixed: Undefined variable notice

v1.8.1 (01/04/2015) [OpenCart Versions: 2.0.x.x]
- Fixed: Compatibility with OpenCart

v1.7.6 (24/02/2015) [OpenCart Versions: 1.5.1.x - 1.5.6.x]
- Fixed: Question text HTML entity decoding in notification email
- Fixed: Incorrect date displayed for unanswered question

v1.8.0 (19/12/2014) [OpenCart Versions: 2.0.x.x]
- New: Q & A dashboard widget showing total number of questions and recent change
- Fixed: Q & A incorrectly displayed as a module on the layouts page
- Fixed: E-mail notifications
- Fixed: Question submission validation on some setting combinations

v1.7.5 (15/04/2014) [OpenCart Versions: 1.5.1.x - 1.5.6.x and 2.0.0.x]
- Fixed: Question filtering in the admin panel

v1.7.4 (15/04/2014) [OpenCart Versions: 1.5.1.x - 1.5.6.x]
- Fixed: Popup display on admin Q&A list page

v1.7.3 (04/02/2014) [OpenCart Versions: 1.5.1.x - 1.5.6.x]
- Fixed: Autocomplete not working on PHP versions < 5.4.0

v1.7.2 (01/02/2014) [OpenCart Versions: 1.5.1.x - 1.5.6.x]
- Fixed: Captcha validation fails even if not required

v1.7.1 (31/01/2014) [OpenCart Versions: 1.5.1.x - 1.5.6.x]
- Fixed: Multiple identical alerts displayed
- Fixed: Issue with database upgrade when upgrading from version < 1.7.0

v1.7.0 (28/01/2014) [OpenCart Versions: 1.5.1.x - 1.5.6.x]
- New admin module settings page and Catalog > Q&A page
- Made question fields configurable
- Added: multi-store support
- Added: language based notification addresses
- Added: optional phone and custom field
- Added: option to receive new question notification from customer email address

v1.6.0 (07/04/2013) [OpenCart Versions: 1.5.1.x - 1.5.6.x]
- Added: option to display either all or only current language questions
- Fixed: question answer HTML support in response emails
- Fixed: store logo display in emails

v1.5.0 (14/03/2012) [OpenCart Versions: 1.4.9.x, 1.5.1.x, 1.5.2.x, 1.5.3.x]
- Enabled HTML tags in question answers

v1.4.2 (14/03/2012) [OpenCart Versions: 1.4.9.x, 1.5.1.x, 1.5.2.x, 1.5.3.x]
- Fixed issue with email validation when "Question reply alert" setting was set to "no"

v1.4.1 (17/11/2011) [OpenCart Versions: 1.4.9.x, 1.5.1.x, 1.5.2.x]
- Fixed SEO urls for customer notification emails (only in 1.5.1.x releases).
- Fixed links back to the shop in customer notification emails.

v1.4.0 (15/11/2011) [OpenCart Versions:, 1.5.1.x]
- Added option to set the number of QAs on page.
- Added option to preload first page or all QAs without AJAX to have better SEO.

v1.3.2 (30/09/2011) [OpenCart Versions:, 1.5.1.x]
- Minor bugfix.
- Added support for OpenCart

v1.3.1 (16/09/2011) [OpenCart Versions:, 1.5.1.x]
- Removed some error messages that appeared when the files were modified, but the mod was not installed.
- released a vQmod version for OC 1.5.1.x and

v1.3 (28/07/2011) [OpenCart Versions:, 1.5.1.x]
- Added feature for customer notification when the question has been answered.

v1.2 (22/04/2011) [OpenCart Versions: 1.4.9.x, 1.5.x]
- Added feature for email notification when a new question is asked.
- Reduced installation steps: SQL changes are done automatically

v1.1 (23/01/2011) [OpenCart Versions: 1.4.9.x]
- Added configuration options

v1.0.0 (22/01/2011) [OpenCart Versions: 1.4.9.x]
- Initial release

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