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CART SMS - SMS notification & SMS marketing

CART SMS - SMS notification & SMS marketing
SMS Settings - tick required SMS sender type for selected country SMS Answers - display a list of received SMS answers from customers SMS opt-out possibility for the customer in the shopping basket Statistics with filtering options Purchase credit - purchase credit directly from the module via credit card, bank transfer, PayPal and Skrill SMS Marketing - write the SMS text and use advanced filters to target your marketing campaign SMS settings - display a list of countries with information about selected SMS sender types and prices of SMS messages SMS settings - select the country for displaying the SMS price (sorted according to the type of SMS sender) Send SMS - write the SMS text and add recipients from a CSV file Customer SMS administration - adjust the sms text for customers. Multi-lingual versions of sms text are supported. SMS History - display a list of SMS messages sent from Cart SMS module User profile with other settings Admin SMS administration - select events during which shop administrators will be notified via SMS SMS opt-out - set if SMS opt-out option will be visible to a customer in the shopping basket. Set the SMS sending price. Admin SMS administration - adjust the sms text for administrators Customer SMS administration - select events during which customers will be notified via SMS SMS Settings - enter a new Text sender ID for selected country
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Date Added 14 October 2013
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Cart SMS is a comprehensive and powerful module that enables you to send notification SMSs to your customers or administrators during various events in your OpenCart store and build a stronger customer loyalty with the help of SMS marketing.

  • Send text messages to customers or administrators during various events in your OpenCart store. System also automatically recognizes your custom order statuses!
  • Activation/deactivation of all events independently on each other.
  • Customization of SMS text for all events, possibility to use variable fields.
  • Multi-lingual versions of SMS text (If you ship your goods worldwide, you can notify your customers in each country in their national language)
  • Multi-store support.
  • Multiple admin support (useful for large online stores with more administrators, who have separate responsibilities).
  • Possibility to select for each event one or more administrators who will receive SMS.
  • Multiple sender types (Text sender ID, Own mobile number or System number).
  • Customization of a Text sender ID for each country (11 characters max, which appear in place of the phone number).
  • Customization of an Own mobile number for each country. Mobile phone number validation is required.
  • SMS marketing with advanced filter options. Sending bulk text messages, similar to a newsletter, enables effective targeting to desired customer groups. This gives you a great tool for running an advertisement campaign, announcing the release of a new product, distributing discount coupon codes etc.
  • Sending bulk SMS from a CSV or vCard file.
  • SMS opt-out possibility for a customer in the shopping basket.
  • SMS charging. Admin has an option to define the price for SMS sending. Price is displayed to a customer in the shopping basket.
  • SMS history with filters.
  • History of SMS answers received from customers.
  • Statistics with filtering options.
  • Simulation mode. Allows to test SMS sending during various events in OpenCart without actually sending them to recipients.
  • Unicode characters are supported.
  • Automatic conversion of customer´s mobile number to an international format.
  • SMS delivery report to an e-mail address.
  • Credit account management directly from the module (credit account state, low credit alert setting, credit purchase).
  • API for connecting an external application to Cart SMS module.
  • STOP SMS (contact us for details).
  • Do not Disturb solution for India (NDNC registry).

You don´t need to register on any SMS portal. All you need can be found right in the module!



English, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, Portuguese, French, Spanish, Turkish, Greek, Swedish, Czech, Slovak and Serbian

Download Name Compatibility Action
Cart SMS ver. 2.14 1.4.7, 1.4.8, 1.4.8b, 1.4.9,,,,,, 1.5.0,,,,,, 1.5.1,,,,, 1.5.2,, 1.5.3,, 1.5.4,, 1.5.5,, 1.5.6,,,, [ Download ]
Cart SMS ver. 3.11,,,,,,, [ Download ]

Cart SMS module version 3.x

  • Supported OpenCart versions 2.0.0 -
  • Supports OpenCart 2.0 extension installer
  • Supports OpenCart 2.0 event system
  • Supports OCMOD

Cart SMS module version 2.x
  • Supported OpenCart versions 1.4.7 -
  • Requires vQmod installation in the store








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