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Brainy Filter Ultimate OC2 / Most advanced & elegant filter

Brainy Filter Ultimate OC2 / Most advanced & elegant filter
Extension Name Brainy Filter Ultimate OC2 / Most advanced & elegant filter Rating 1 2 3 4 5
License Commercial Votes 41
Price $29.00 Sales 596
Developer GiantLeapLab
Date Added 21 October 2014 Request Support
Date Modified 9 August 2016 Report extension
Brainy Filter looks beautifully and works on different devices. There is a high-grade HTML/CSS code that is easy to adapt to any custom design. The filter has been tested on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone devices. The filter works with responsive themes.

Demo Version

Back-end (User: demo, Password: demo)

Other Versions

(!) Before contacting the support please make sure you have read the installation guide and have done everything as required! Please also read our troubleshooting section!

Note that we can only help with supported versions of OpenCart and properly made themes that suit the used OpenCart version. We can install and set up the filter only once. If you change the theme or reinstall OpenCart we will not be able to help again.

(!) When contacting the support please provide your order id and the date of purchase.

(!) As of March 15, 2015 we stop providing support for the filter versions designed for OpenCart

(!) As of January 20, 2016 we stop providing support for MijoShop 3.x due to its unstable approach to embedding third party plugins. You still can use our plugin with MijoShop but it may be troublesome if you use MijoShop 3.x+.

We also provide paid support for the filter (adjusting the template, adding custom features) and build great websites of any kind ;-)

The installation guide, FAQ & Troubleshooting can be found in the Documentation tab below.

You must buy a license to download this extension click here.
Download Name Compatibility Action
Brainy Filter Ultimate 4.5.3 for OC2 (vQmod is required) [ Download ]
Brainy Filter Ultimate 5.1.0 for OC2,,,,,,,,, [ Download ]


vQmod (needed only for OpenCart 2.0.0 and the corresponding filter version)

The Brainy Filter module requires vQmod to be installed and enabled. vQmod is an override system designed to avoid having to change core files.

Installing vQmod is a very simple process that consists of a few steps. You can download the latest version of vQmod for OpenCart 2.0 from http://www.mhccorp.com/vqmod-oc2. Unpack the vQmod and upload the content of the "upload" directory to your server into the root directory.

Brainy Filter Module Installation

For OpenCart (Please note that we recommend to upgrade to the latest version of OpenCart since there are bugs and problems with vQmod in

(!) As of March 15, 2015 we stop providing support for the filter versions designed for OpenCart

First please make sure that:

  • The /system/modification directory is writeable.
  • Your MySQL user is allowed to create temporary tables (works by default on 99% of servers).
Proceed with the installation:

  • Set up FTP connection to your server in System -> Settings -> Edit (click in front of the store you would like to use) -> FTP tab.
  • Go to System -> Settings -> Server tab and disable the Display Errors option (there is some bug in OpenCart — it shows an error that stops the installation).
  • Go to Extensions -> Extension Installer and upload the Brainy Filter archive. The system will deploy the sources if the FTP access credentials are correct.
  • Unpack the Brainy Filter and upload the install.vqmod.xml file using the method described above.
  • Go to Extensions -> Modifications and make sure the Brainy Filter is shown there. Click on the Refresh button. After this modified files should appear in this directory /system/modification.
  • Go to Extensions -> Modules and click on the Install icon in the Brainy Filter raw (it may take a few seconds, click only once).
  • Now you should have the filter installed. Click on edit to create filter instances.

For OpenCart 2.0.1.x and Brainy Filter 4.6.x

First please make sure that:

  • You have FTP credentials set up at System -> Settings -> Edit -> FTP tab
  • The folder /system/modification is writable for your web server.
  • Your MySQL user is allowed to create temporary tables (works by default on 99% of servers).
Proceed with the installation:

  • Go to Extensions -> Extension Installer and upload the extension package for OpenCart 2.0.1.x (no need to unpack the archive manually!).
  • Go to Extensions -> Modules and click "Install" next to the Brainy Filter.
  • Edit the Brainy Filter module settings.

FAQ & Troubleshooting

Whatever problem you have please first make sure you are using OpenCart 2.0 or newer. Please also make sure there are no any other enabled extensions that work with the search results.

Will Brainy Filter work with my theme?

Yes, it will. If you have already installed the filter and it doesn't work with your theme there could be some problems with the theme that are quite simple to fix. Please read about potential problems below.

I have installed the module but it doesn't show up on the site.

Note that after installing the module you should assign it to one or more layouts and choose a position for each one. It should be done in the Module Instances section.

New 4.7.x version won't update the list of products

Starting from version 4.7.0 Brainy Filter embeds the search results using JavaScript on the front-end. It means that a proper HTML element selector of the product container should be added in the settings. It is handled automatically for most of popular themes but if it doesn't work for you you'll have to do it manually or contact our support.

While installing the module in the admin panel I get a blank screen. / While installing the module in the admin panel I get an error that starts with "CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE...".

The module can't create temporary MySQL tables. This is usually a limit set by free hosting providers which you should avoid (contact their support for details). A blank screen means there is an error and you don't see it because PHP errors are off on your server. Enable them to get more details about the problem.

Attributes of products that I imported using a bulk product import module are not displayed in the filter.

If you're using a third-party add-on for importing products into your OpenCart or import a product database in the form of SQL you should update the filter cache. It can be done by pressing the Update Cache button at the top right of the filter window in the admin panel.

I get "Parse error: syntax error..."

Most likely there is a conflict with some other extension that modifies the same part of the OpenCart code. That could be an extension that does something with the search results, optimizes database queries, etc.

List of known extensions that cause problems:

  • Category Product Count Speed Fix or any other extension that fixes a bug in OpenCart related to calling products counting when product totals are off (Brainy Filter does the same fix so you can disable this module without any harm to your website speed).

The filter seems to send a request (it fades out) but the list of products is not updated.

1. Please check that none of your SEO extensions changes URLs in a non-standard way.

The filter works with SEO URLs enabled but some SEO extensions change the default URL format. In such cases the filter may fail to process requests since it doesn't know how to parse the URLs.

2. Make sure the resulting code (check in your browser) contains a DIV element with the "brainyfilter-product-container" id.

This element is used as a container for the data retuned from the server. Brainy Filter does its best to properly insert the container automatically but it may not work with some custom themes.

The filter uses the two lines below to embed lists of products into themes. Please make sure those lines are present in your custom theme (category.tpl) and look exactly the same.

<?php if ($products) { ?>
<?php echo $content_bottom; ?>

The filter doesn't show any products when it's placed on a homepage or other pages outside the catalogue.

OpenCart allows viewing products only from a particular category and there is no way to show all products from all categories at one page. Thus the filter can operate only when it's applied to a particular category. Unless you are making some custom code changes please always use the Category Layout for the filter.

There is the "Warning: Error vqmod" message in the admin panel.

Please check if vQmod is installed properly and whether it is the latest version for OpenCart. Also make sure you did not change the default OpenCart directory structure. For example, some users rename the admin directory for security reasons. In this case you should also change paths to the renamed directories in vqmod/xml/brainyfilter.xml and clear the vQmod cache.

Extension Updates

Version 4.4.0 Ultimate / October 20, 2014:
The first version of Brainy Filter Ultimate for OpenCart 2 (Derived from BF Ultimate 4.4 for OpenCart 1.5)

Version 4.5.0 Ultimate / November 7, 2014:

  • Improved sliders.
  • Slider labels that show intermediary values.
  • Different types of sliders for attributes, filters, options, and price.
  • Ability to sort slider data values as numbers or text lines.
  • Saving attribute values ordering when resetting cache.
  • Ability to hide attributes that have no corresponding products.
  • Ability to choose control options for manufacturers.

Version 4.5.2 Ultimate / November 14, 2014:

  • Code improvements.

Version 4.6.0 Ultimate / March 31, 2015:

  • Improved sliders for attributes and options (both the algorithm and the look).
  • Better compatibility with latest versions of MijoShop and jCart.
  • Ability to filter by subcategories.
  • Ability to hide products that are not in stock.
  • Automated installation of OCmod modification.
  • Bug fixes and plenty of small improvements.

Version 4.6.1 Ultimate / April 17, 2015:

  • Bug fixes and small improvements.

Version 4.7 Ultimate / September 30, 2015:

  • Bug fixes and small improvements.
  • Changed the way the search results are embedded into the template. A proper HTML element selector of the product container should be added in the settings now (handled automatically for most of popular themes).

Version 4.7.1 Ultimate / October 20, 2015:

  • Bug fixes and small improvements.

Version 4.7.2 Ultimate / December 6, 2015:

  • Bug fixes and small improvements.

Version 5.0 Beta Ultimate / December 14, 2015:

  • A completely new approach to search — better and much faster!
  • Fully redesigned more convenient admin panel that now handles unlimited number of categories, attributes, options, and opencart filters
  • A lot of improvements in the code and the backend interface

Version 5.0.1 Beta Ultimate / January 22, 2016:

  • Bug fixes and small improvements

Version 5.0.3 Ultimate Stable / February 18, 2016:

  • Bug fixes and small improvements

Version 5.0.4 Ultimate Stable / March 17, 2016:

  • Added compatibility with OpenCart 2.2

Version 5.0.4 Ultimate Stable / April 22, 2016:

  • Ability to update cache using cron
  • Bug fixes and small improvements

Version 5.1.0 Ultimate Stable / June 17, 2016:

  • Support of the Specials page
  • Bug fixes and small improvements

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