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OpenStock - stock control for product option/choices/variants

OpenStock - stock control for product option/choices/variants
Standard Product Product variants list Choose your options Unable to add to cart if product variant is disabled. Image changes based on option selected. Quantity in stock box appears. Product list shows number of variants and total amount in stock.
Extension Name OpenStock - stock control for product option/choices/variants Rating 1 2 3 4 5
License Commercial Votes 53
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Developer welfordmedia Sales 1016
Date Added 4 August 2011 Request Support
Date Modified 22 April 2014 Report extension
NEW: Option between regular options and OpenStock options per product
NEW: Now compatible with MijoShop.
NEW: CSV export now supports foreign characters.

OpenStock allows Open Cart store owners to manage stock levels on individual product options - this is the ONLY module that allows you to do this properly. Some developers are copying our keywords to try and confuse users but they cannot offer you the same functions.

Example: A t-shirt product, you might have 2 sizes of it and even 2 colours of both sizes - that's a total of 4 items you need to individually control stock for. OpenCart as standard doesn't do this, it allows for the options but not controlling the stock. The OpenStock module fixes this problem and is suitable for all kinds of products.

DEMO: http://os.opencartdemo.com

# Individual stock control of each product option
# Customer group pricing (default, wholesale prices etc)
# Unique image per option
# Multi language support
# Ajax loading of pricing, stock status and image
# Easy install under Extensions > Modules
# vQmod file modification - no core code changes
# Export / Import feature (via CSV) for product variants - allows bulk stock control & price updates of existing variants.
# Mix with OpenBay Pro module for eBay and Amazon variant listings

Stock control can be performed on any select box or radio button choice so its perfect for clothing stores that have size and colour options.

The reworked administrator product area makes managing product options easy, simply select a product to use options or just enter a stock value and SKU code to use the product without options. Once you add the options you need your stock table is automatically calculated showing you all of the possible stock options that can be controlled.

All of the features such as points, price change and weight exist with the options, but you now have individual control over each variant; active or inactive, subtract stock, SKU code and stock level.

The standard default product template has been redone to enhance the user experience, ajax boxes immediately displaying the stock status or if the option is not available to order. If you have a custom theme we have separated out the code to help integrate quicker for you. If you use a custom theme you will need to edit one of the xml files to match the code.

The checkout checks stock levels on a variant basis, so if a customer orders 2 of the same item but with different option choices then the stock levels are shown for the option choice, no longer just the product!

Please contact us if you have any questions! It is important that you ask us if you are not sure about something, we will be happy to answer you as quickly as possible.


v161 - Variant SKU's now displayed on order invoice/order info. You can now turn on/off special tab at product level.
v160 - Added compatibility for regular version
v159 - Fixed missing columns for those upgrading
v158 - Added start and end date to specials and discounts

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