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Advanced Shipping PRO

   Advanced Shipping PRO
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Date Added 29 September 2011 Request Support
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This extension allows you to set advanced shipping rates for your shop calculated by Quantity, Cart Total, Weight, Distance, Dimensional Weight or Volume complete with Postal-Code Shipping and Category-Based Shipping support.

Key Features
✔ Creates a custom table in the database to save rates
✔ Import/Export feature allows you to share your rates setup and keep backups
✔ An extensive, built in tooltip system & tutorials will answer any questions you have while setting up your rates
✔ Define a custom name for each shipping rate complete with custom image and shipping instructions
✔ Combine rates by sort order using the Multiple Rate Calculations setting: Single, Sum, Average, Lowest, Highest
✔ Assign a tax class to the shipping rate.
✔ Select all the stores, customer group and geo zones that the shipping rate will apply to
✔ Define postal code ranges to further limit who the shipping rate is available to
✔ Select the applicable categories for the shipping cost and how the shipping will be calculated based on categories
✔ Choose from 5 different Rate Types: Quantity, Total, Weight, Distance, Dimensional Weight, Volume
✔ Choose how the Final Cost is to be calculated: Single, Cumulative
✔ Define custom rates to charge for shipping.
✔ Ability to clone rates to make setting up rates more efficient

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Advanced Shipping PRO
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