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Advanced Shipping PRO

   Advanced Shipping PRO
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Developer OpenCart Addons
Date Added 29 September 2011 Request Support
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Advanced Shipping PRO adds exceptional shipping functionality to OpenCart. Our customer favourite shipping extension adds an advanced user interface that allows you to create custom shipping rates calculated by quantity, total, weight, dimensional weight or volume. We understand how cumbersome it can be to manually input shipping information for every single product, so Advanced Shipping PRO gives you the ability to charge shipping based on product categories, along with tons of other innovative features. Try out our demo so you can see how Advanced Shipping PRO will save you valuable time and provide your OpenCart store with shipping customization you never thought possible.


Key Features

✔ Advanced user interface with a built in tool tip system & tutorials to guide you while setting up your shipping rates
✔ Compatible with OpenCart versions 1.5 & 2.0
✔ Compatible with all themes, including custom themes
✔ Create shipping rates calculated by quantity, total, weight, distance, dimensional weight or physical volume
✔ Assign shipping rates based on product categories, geo zones, customer groups, stores, postal codes & much more
✔ Create shipping rates with custom names
✔ Combine shipping rates multiple different ways for more flexibility
✔ Supports unlimited shipping rates

For a full list of features, see the Documentation tab below

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Download Name Compatibility Action
Advanced Shipping PRO (v4.5.9) 1.5.0,,,,,, 1.5.1,,,, 1.5.2,, 1.5.3,, 1.5.4,,, 1.5.6,,,,,,,,, [ Download ]

Full Features List

System Settings

» Define custom shipping option group title (with multi-language support)
» Sort quotes by each shipping rate’s define sort order, or by cost
» Choose to display the value used for the shipping calculation at the end of the shipping rate name
» Select how the shipping rate names are displayed when combining multiple shipping rates together

Shipping Rate Settings

» Stay organized – create a description for each rate that will only be displayed in the administrator panel
» Choose to enable or disable each rate individually
» Assign a custom shipping image for each shipping rate which will be displayed next to the shipping rate name during checkout
» Define a custom name for each shipping rate (with multi-language support)
» Define custom shipping instructions that will display underneath the shipping rate name during checkout
» Ability to define a sort order number for each rate that is used to sort the shipping quotes
» Assign a tax class to the shipping rate
» Define a date & time range that the shipping rate is available
» Choose which days of the week the shipping rate is available to your customers
» Select all the stores which that the shipping rate will apply to
» Select all the customer groups that the shipping rate will apply to
» Select all the geo zones that the shipping rate will apply to
» Define postal code ranges to further limit who the shipping rate is available to
» Define a min / max / add cart value for the cart Quantity, Total, Weight and Volume, Distance, Length, Width & Height
» Define min / max product dimensions for Length, Width and Height
» Select how the category system will interact with the products in the cart
» Select how the shipping will be calculated based on the product categories selected within the shipping rate
» Select the applicable categories for the shipping rate
» Choose which currencies the shipping rate is available for
» Assign a rate group value which is used to combine shipping rates together
» Choose the total type: Total / Sub-Total / Sub-Total with Tax
» Choose from 5 different methods to calculate the shipping cost:
»» Quantity: Shipping costs will be calculated based on the cart quantity
»» Total: Shipping costs will be calculated based on the order total (affected by sort order)
»» Weight: Shipping costs will be calculated based on the cart weight
»» Distance: Shipping costs will be calculated based on either driving distance or coordinates between the shop and customer's postal codes
»» Dimensional Weight: Shipping costs will be calculated based on the total dimensional weight of the items in the cart
»» Volume: Shipping costs will be calculated based on the cart volume
» Define a shipping factor (When using Dimensional Weight based shipping only)
» Define the origin address that your products are shipped from (When using Distance based shipping only)
» Choose how the Final Cost is to be calculated:
»» Single: A single cost will be taken from the shipping rates field
»» Cumulative: The shipping costs will be determined using the current shipping rate bracket, and all previous shipping rate brackets that apply to the cart. These costs will be added together for the final cost
» Select whether the cart value is split using the highest shipping rate bracket assigned in the shipping rates field. When enabled, the cart value will be split, with each pieces shipping cost being calculated separately, then combined for a final shipping cost
» Select which currency the shipping rates are based on
» Define custom rates to charge for shipping
» Adjust the final shipping charge by defining a min / max shipping cost, or by adding a handling fee
» Define a handling fee / Fuel surcharge to be added to the final shipping cost after adjustments

Combine Rates Settings

» Combining shipping rates is very useful when you wish to charge separate shipping costs based on specific criteria, and combine those costs with another shipping rate. To group shipping rates together, both shipping rates must have the same Rate Group value and the same Calculation Method selected.
» Rate Group: The first step to combining shipping rates is to assign the same Rate Group value to all of the shipping rates you wish to group together
» Calculation Method: Determines how the shipping rates are to be combined. There are 4 different calculation methods to choose from:
»» Sum: All shipping rates within the Rate Group will have their shipping costs added together for a total shipping cost
»» Average: All shipping rates within the Rate Group will have their shipping costs averaged together
»» Lowest: Only the shipping rate with the lowest shipping cost in the Rate Group will be used
»» Highest: Only the shipping rate with the highest shipping cost in the Rate Group will be used

Tools & Debugging

» Import / Export Rates: Export your shipping rates to a CSV file to share settings with other customers or to create a backup.
» Debug Log: Enable debug mode to track the shipping rate validation process if your shipping rates are not appearing during checkout.

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