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Product Colours On Category Page

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Developer spikeachu Sales 4
Date Added 21 October 2011 Request Support
Date Modified 20 February 2012 Report extension
Displays the colours that a product is available in on the Category page.

Updated 02/01/12 to improve database efficiency and to use cache.
Updated 20/02/2012 to automatically insert database fields.
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Display Product Colour Options on Category Page [ Download ]

Requires vQmod.

Upload the file structure to your installation directory

Under Product > Options > Edit or Product > Options > Insert > Add Option Value
there will be two new fields, Alias and colour Hash. Both are optional.

For a colour to be displayed, the Colour Hash field must contain a valid Hex Colour
Example #FFFFFF

or a CSS recognised colour
Example red

Alias is used in admin area only and is to help identify between similar shades of colours.
For example, You could use Option Value Name red as 4 seperate options, but use 4 different shades depending on the product, by entering a differend Colour Hash.

Once the options are assigned to a product, they will begin to appear on the category page as a colour block with your specified colour.

Colour values are now cached, if new colours are added to a product you will need to either remove the colours.* cache file for that product, or wait for the cache to expire, (1 hour on unmodified carts)



Tags Displays, the, colours, that, a, product, is, available, in, on, the, Category, page. Updated, 02/01/12, to, improve, database, efficiency, and, to, use, cache. Updated, 20/02/2012, to, automatically, insert, database, fields.

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