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Total Import PRO
Step 1: Fetch Feed File Step 2: Global Settings Step 3: Adjust Import Data Step 4: Field Mapping Step 5: Import Load Settings Profile Simple Stock Update
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Date Added 13 December 2011 Request Support
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Total Import PRO allows you to easily upload your product information into your OpenCart store. Save yourself hours with this module and make inventory management a breeze. Use this module to import your dropshipper feed, integrate with POS, or simply to edit your products in Excel and upload in bulk.

Simply upload your CSV or XML file, choose your settings, and click import - thousands of products imported in seconds! If you are migrating a store from another platform to OpenCart, all you need is your product information exported into a valid CSV or XML file and Total import PRO will take care of the rest.

  • Simple stock update functionality. Update product quantity, price, and special price fields even faster with this option. Ideal for drop-shippers to keep their stock up-to-date with cron jobs!
  • Choose to either upload your CSV/XML file or download it from a URL or FTP.
  • Supports adding, updating your product list.
  • Set default product information, like default product status; stock status; tax, weight and length classes; and the default subtract stock option.
  • Specify tables to reset for a clean import.
  • Supports multistore config.
  • Delete, disable, or set to zero products in store but not in feed.
  • Works with a variety of CSV delimiters/XML formats.
  • Can be run from CLI - on a Cron Task or through SSH.
  • Map any field from your feed to any OpenCart product field.
  • Saves all your settings in settings profiles from previous use.
  • Manipulate your feed data using advanced operations.
  • Preview your feed rows from within Total Import PRO.
  • Import multiple top level categories and subcategories.
  • Import products into all categories or bottom level subcategory.
  • Import product options, attributes, additional images and more.
  • Fetches remote images by URL when run through CLI.
  • Import a url with basic authentication.
  • Beta support for multi language fields.
  • Partial product import using the range parameter in cron jobs.
  • Progress bar displays the status of your import.
  • Overcomes server memory limits and PHP max execution time using a novel AJAX approach.
  • Supported feeds include pixmaniapro, sexshop365, custom feeds, excel CSV feeds, and many more dropshippers.
  • MijoShop friendly! 

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Pair Total Import PRO with Any Feed to make a powerful product migration tool. Perfect for keeping your stock levels up to date between stores.

Need help installing Total Import PRO? Purchase our Installation Service to get Total Import PRO set up in a jiffy.
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Knowledge Base

Need help getting started?  See our Knowledge Base forum on Total Import PRO for helpful articles.

Advanced Services

Have custom fields that need to be imported that are not part of the OpenCart core? Do you have advanced requirements not covered by Total Import PRO? If the answer is yes, our Auto Import service is the perfect solution for you. You are welcome contact us directly through our helpdesk for more details.

If you're still not sure about which import tool you need, or if your feed works with our tools, please contact us at our helpdesk. Our team will be happy to assist you with your decision.


  • Requires a properly formatted CSV or XML file
  • Not guaranteed to work with modified OpenCart core
  • Only imports Product Options when in a specific format

This module makes bulk updates to your products - we recommend testing on a non-essential server first.

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