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Hide Add To Cart v2.5 (vQmod)

Hide Add To Cart v2.5 (vQmod)
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Developer Shineonline Views 50928
Date Added 27 January 2012 Downloads 14145
Date Modified 15 March 2013 Request Support
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Hides the add to cart on the product, category, search, special, manufacturer and compare pages if quantity is equal or less then zero. Separate file: Adds a "Sold out" message (transparent PNG-image) on top of all product images.

This extension is only tested on the default template, if it's not working on your custom template it's on you to alter the script to make it work, no free support is given.


Pro version (costs $15.00):

Upload XML-file to vqmod/xml/ in the OpenCart installation.
Optional: Upload sold-out.png to /image

Joakim Ljungh <jocke@shinewebb.se>

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Version history:

Version 2.5
FIXED: Compatibility with version OpenCart (separate files)

Version 2.4
ADDED: A bunch of extra sold out images with different messages
ADDED: A version of the script that only adds the overlay image, and leaves the add to cart button alone

Nothing else is changed

Version 2.3
ADDED: The image overlay should now be visible on all pages
FIXED: Added the "pointer-events: none;" css property to overlay which
makes image clickable in Firefox 3.6+, Safari 4 and Google Chrome.

Version 2.21
FIXED: Add to cart button was not removed on the compare products page

Versione 2.2
FIXED: Error messages that variable was not defined in feature module

- Version 2.1.5
ADDED: Now also removes add to cart button on the following module pages:
latest, special, featured and bestseller) and on the "Related products" tab.

- Version 2.1.0
FIXED: Now fully compatible for OpenCart v1.5.2.1

- Version 2.0.0
ADDED: An overlay PNG image thats says "Sold out" if product is out of stock, (only on the product page) it is a separate XML-file (use one file or the another, not both). There is also no cache problems since it is only an overlay on the original image, and not a watermark on the image itself.

- Version 1.0.5
ADDED: Only hides add to cart button if quantity is equal or less then zero.
ADDED: Now hides on following pages aswell (besides product, category): search, special, manufacturer and compare.
BUGFIX: Fixed a bug where the links (List/Grid) stopped working on category page.

- Version 1.0.0
First version.

Tags control visibility, symbols, icons, free, hide cart, hide add to cart, watermark, watermarks, conditions, add watermark, product images, remove cart, hide, rokdazone, joakim ljungh, Joakim Ljungh

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