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Better Search : A must-have ext and fixes search issue [VQMod]

Better Search : A must-have ext and fixes search issue  [VQMod]
Extension Name Better Search : A must-have ext and fixes search issue [VQMod] Rating 1 2 3 4 5
License Commercial Votes 13
Price $13.00 Sales 198
Developer cartideas
Date Added 12 February 2012 Request Support
Date Modified 11 September 2015 Report extension
One of the must have extension for all stores!!!

This VQMod extension helps to improve the quality and relevancy of search results. This eliminates lots of irrelevant results and also enables searching using model number of a product.

In Opencart, searching using multiple words brings results which contain "any of the words" searched. This will bring lots of results which has only one search word in them. The products which contain all the words may get lost in the bottom of the results. This is not desirable and efficient.

For example : Searching for "hp touchpad" also displays less relevant results like 'hp laptop', 'hp printer', 'touchpad case' etc because it searches for "any of the words". This extension makes it bring only the results containing both these word and thus improving accuracy.

I was wondering why this basic requirement was missing in Opencart and that made me develop this extension.


Default Opencart installation - http://default.hereforsupport.com

Opencart with Better Search Installed - http://bs.hereforsupport.com

****Both sites are loaded with same products*****

Try searching for the keyword "wireless mouse"......

You can see default installation returning many irrelevant result where as bsoc.vacau.com returns the exact ones

For Opencart 1.5.4 and users

This extension also fixes an issue in above version's search functionality. In these versions, if the buyer searches using multiple words and if these words are not adjacent words in the product name, the search will not bring any results.

For example, if user searches for "Canon g12", product with name "Canon PowerShot G12" will not show because the words are not occurring together in product name. This extension is a solution for this issue.

How to Install Better Search
Being a VqMod extension, installation is very easy.

Just upload XML-file to vqmod/xml/ folder in the OpenCart installation.

Please clear the cache after installing this extension
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Download Name Compatibility Action
Better Search 1.5.4 1.5.4,, 1.5.5,, 1.5.6,,,, [ Download ]
Better Search 1.5.3 1.5.3, [ Download ]
Better Search 1.2.0 1.5.0,,,,,, 1.5.1,,,, 1.5.2, [ Download ]

- Version 1.0.0
Initial version.

- Version 1.2.0
The searching using AND condition was also applied to the product tags if present.

How to install Installation:
Extract the zip and upload vqmod_better_search.xml file to vqmod/xml/ folder in the OpenCart installation.

You need to clear the cache to make this work with previously searched keywords. The results of previously searched keywords are stored in cache and won't be available through this extension. Once you clear the cache it will work.

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