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Palm Brown 149009

 Palm Brown 149009
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Extension Name Palm Brown 149009 Rating 1 2 3 4 5
License Commercial Votes 0
Price $40.00 Views 14080
Developer Dymago Sales 1
Date Added 28 September 2010 Request Support
Date Modified 19 December 2010 Report extension
Template 149009 Palm Brown for Opencart v.

There is a *.psd file which is included for the logo which you can change
Live shop: http://www.templatesopencart.nl/index.php?theme=149009
Change template via Theme Switcher in leftmenu.

This template is made for:

OpenCart webshop software v. /
This template is tested in the following browsers:

Firefox 3.6.10
Explorer (IE) 7
Explorer (IE) 8
Google Chrome
Safari 5
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Download Name Compatibility Action
template 149009 palm brown, [ Download ]

All files are include in the zipfolder.

This template is to add as extra template. You can remove the default template if you wish, but if not then select 149009 in the admin


*psd file is include for the logo
Logo maximum size: 960px width - 220px height
You can add your own logo via admin. (For the best result use *.png to save your logo before you add it via admin)


1. Unzip "template_149009.zip" file and save on your computer.
2. Unzip "149009.zip" file which is added in the template_149009 folder
2. Upload folder "image" and folder "catalog" with all files to your server
3. Go to admin - system/settings and click on tab "store" (see picture: admin_add_template.jpg)
4. Change the Template from Default to 149009
5. Save



Tags Template, 149009, Palm, Brown, for, Opencart, v.,, There, is, a, *.psd, file, which, is, included, for, the, logo, which, you, can, change Live, shop:, http://www.templatesopencart.nl/, Change, template, via, Theme, Switcher, in, leftmenu. This, template, is, made, for: OpenCart, webshop, software, v., /, This, template, is, tested, in, the, following, browsers: Firefox, 3.6.10 Explorer, (IE), 7 Explorer, (IE), 8 Google, Chrome Safari, 5

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