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Opencart SEO Pack PRO

Opencart SEO Pack PRO
Extension Name Opencart SEO Pack PRO Rating 1 2 3 4 5
License Commercial Votes 131
Price $99.99 Views 181634
Developer privatemtx Sales 2093
Date Added 26 April 2012 Request Support
Date Modified 19 December 2014 Report extension
It is time to make your Opencart SEO friendly!

Opencart SEO PACK contains all Opencart SEO related extensions:
1. Keywords Generator for all products
2. Meta Description Generator
3. Related Products Generator
4. Tag Generator
5. Product SEO Plus 2 more SEO features
6. Canonical Categories
7. Canonical Brands
8. Friendly SEO URLS Generator
9. SEO Friendly URLs
10. Custom Titles
11. Clear SEO
12. SEO Report
13. SEO Friendly Image Names generator
14. Auto Internal Links
15. Advanced SEO Editor
16. Multi-Language SEO URLs + Multi Language Sitemaps
17. Home Page - Meta Keywords
18. SEO Metas for Info Pages
19. Instant SEO
20. Brands/Manufacturers SEO
21. (NEW) Custom Titles Generator
22. (NEW) SEO Microdata - Rich Snippets
23. (NEW) Custom H1 tags + Generator
24. (NEW) Custom Image Alts + Generator

All these extensions and features cost more than $250, but now you can buy this pack for only $99.

1. Keywords Generator - generates meta keywords for products and categories.
2. Meta Description Generator - generates meta description for products and categories.
3. Related Products Generator, based on a complex algorithm, is a powerful tool which is very useful if you have many products and it takes plenty of time to find related products for them. In a couple of seconds, it generates related products for all your products.
4. Generates product tags.
5. Product SEO Plus adds a h2 tag with name of product in product description, which is a plus for search engines + 2 more features.
6,7. Canonical Categories & Brands generates SEO canonical for categories and brands.
8. Friendly SEO URLS Generator - generates SEO URLS for products, categories, manufacturers and information.
9. SEO Friendly URLs transforms links like yoursite.com/index.php?route=account/login in yoursite.com/login
10. You can set custom titles for products and categories,
11. Clear SEO deletes all SEO data (ALL tags, meta descriptions, meta keywords, seo urls and related products).
12. Check your SEOs with SEO Report.
13. Image file name is as much as important as image's alt attribute for SEO. Generate your SEO image names with SEO Image Name Generator.
14. You can add unlimited auto generated internal links for SEO purposes or you can complete descriptions with tool-tips.
15. Edit your SEOs with Advanced SEO Editor.
16. Multi-Language SEO URLs helps you set multiple urls for every product/category/brand/info (one for each language). SEO URL generator will generate URLs for each language. Sitemaps were added for each language. They can be found in Extensions -> Product Feeds -> Google Sitemap and contain all SEO URLs for that language.
17. You can set meta keywords for Opencart's home page.
18. You can set meta keywords and meta description for info pages.
19. Instant SEO completes SEO data on add/edit product/category/info/brand.
20. Adds description, meta keywords, meta description and custom titles to your brands.
21. Generates custom titles.
22. Creates microdata for products based on schema.org and breadcrumbs based on data-vocabulary.org
23. Adds and generates custom h1 tags for products.
24. Adds and generates custom alt image tags for products.


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Download Name Compatibility Action
opencart_seo_pack_pro_v.5.21.zip, 1.5.2,, 1.5.3, [ Download ]
SEO Pack - Documentation.zip, 1.5.2,, 1.5.3,, 1.5.4,, 1.5.5,, 1.5.6,,,, [ Download ]
opencart_seo_pack_pro_v.5.21.zip 1.5.4,, 1.5.5,, 1.5.6,,,, [ Download ]
opencart_seo_pack_pro_v7.21 - for OC 2.x.zip,, [ Download ]

Opencart SEO Pack PRO is designed to do all On-Site (Internal) SEO for Opencart. Some features are installed automatically (Canonicals, Product SEO Plus) so you don't have to take care of them and others you will only have to set (if you don't want to use default settings) and run (generators: Meta Description Generator, Meta Keywords Generator, Tags Generator , Related Products Generator, SEO URL Generator, SEO Image Names Generator ). Using the generators you will have the proper metas, internal links (from tags and related products), SEO friendly URLs and image names.

If you are using a multi-language store, Multi Language SEO URLs will help you set multiple urls for every product/category/brand/info (one for each language). Language is detected from the link and it will be automatically set for user. If you have a product called Product in EN and Produkt in DE - it can have 2 links: one for each language:
http://yoursite.com/product.html - for EN
http://yoursite.com/produkt.html - for DE

You can work deeper to SEO by setting Custom Titles for products/categories/info and brands by edit their Custom Title field which is added under their names. Page titles are displayed in search result by search engines and their keywords are very important. You can use custom title to add a relevant keyword, besides product's name or to add an info. For example you can set the custom title for a product My Product - at only $20 . After search engines will index your page, this will be the title displayed in search engines and your customer can see its price...

You can even set automatically internal/external links for specific SEO keywords/sentences with Auto Internal Links: Auto Internal Links automatically creates links or tooltips for specific keywords/sentences in product description and info. For example, all links and tooltips in product description from http://ocdemos.womgoo.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=31 were created by Auto Internal Links. For example, if you have an apple shop called appleshop.com with Autolinks you can grow 'apple' keyword weight for search engines by creating autolinks. So, in Autolinks you set the keyword 'apple' and the url 'http://appleshop.com' and in all product and information descriptions apple word will be transformed in a link to http://appleshop.com. Also, with Autolinks you can set tooltips and explain what a word means or add info to a word.

Instant SEO completes SEO data on add/edit product/category/info/brand. It, if it is enabled, will automatically complete on add or edit: product's meta descriptions, product's keywords, product's tags, product's SEO URL, category's SEO URL, brand's SEO URL, info's SEO URL, so there won't be necessary to use SEO Generators after you'll add some new products.

Using SEO Metas for Info Pages and Brands SEO extensions, included in Opencart SEO Pack PRO, you can SEO your brands and info pages by adding descriptions, meta descriptions, meta keywords and custom titles to them.

You can check&modify generated SEO data with SEO Report and Advanced SEO Editor.



- MySQLi database support
- Minor patches


- Meta Descriptions Generator and Meta Keywords Generator were extended for categories, also
- Advanced SEO Editor was extended for Custom Titles for categories


- Custom H1 tags + Generator was added to Opencart SEO Pack PRO
- Custom Image Alts + Generator was added to Opencart SEO Pack PRO
- Optimized and improved algorithms for Opencart SEO Pack PRO's extensions


- SEO Microdata - Rich Snippets was added to Opencart SEO Pack PRO
- Canonicals were extended for Special Pages
- Improvents and fixed bugs in Advanced SEO Editor, Multi-Language SEO URLs, Custom Titles and Autolinks


- Custom Titles Generator was added.
- SEO Image File Names Generator was improved and it generates unique image file names so image file names aren't changed&renamed when they are re-generated.
- Meta Keywords, Description and Tags Generators were improved and support was added for special characters.
- Multi-Language SEO URLs was rewriten so the page is kept on language change, language suffix is added for additional laguages (eg. yourstore.com/de/produkt.html), title and meta description for home page support multi-language values
- Canonicals were extended for info pages and home page
- Advanced SEO Editor includes custom titles also
- Some minor bugs were fixed

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