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Increase Page Speed Minify Compress Cache Database Optimization

Increase Page Speed Minify Compress Cache Database Optimization
Extension Name Increase Page Speed Minify Compress Cache Database Optimization Rating 1 2 3 4 5
License Commercial Votes 200
Price $89.00 Sales 1185
Developer Tcalp
Date Added 27 April 2012 Request Support
Date Modified 22 June 2015 Report extension

This extension has be claimed by it's users time and time again as the "MUST HAVE" extension for Open Cart. Now the #1 Rated Commercial extension in all of OpenCart. View the comments section to read the reviews for yourself.

❤ Hunter Business Management is one of the top extension authors on the OpenCart Marketplace, purchase knowing that you will be receiving high quality code and support if it is required.
❤ We listen to your suggestions, if you think of a way that we can improve on what we have created please don't hesitate to get in touch or leave a suggestion in the comments.
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✯ Scans and combines, re-writes, minifies, compresses CSS & JavaScript files in your templates header to be served as a single request (typical reduction of 12 REQUEST & 370KB of data transfer).
✯ Provides image caching rule sets so that browser do not have to re-validate static content on secondary page requests.
✯ Provides Database Caching features which greatly increase OpenCart performance.
✯ HTML Minification to further reduce footprint.
✯ Page compression settings to reduce page delivery size by up to 90%.
✯ SEO URL Data Caching to further reduce SQL query look-ups (v4.0 now compatible with all SEO mods!).
✯ APC & XCache In-Memory caching support.
✯ (v4.0) Adds Inline encoding of small images (alternative to sprites) with backwards compatibility to outdated browsers,
✯ (v4.0) Proper PNG image compression support for OpenCart editions before 1.5.4.x.
✯ (v4.0) Generic Content Delivery Network settings for Images, CSS, and JavaScript (or for cookie-less sub-domain setups).
✯ (v4.0) Jquery & Jquery UI library auto-detection / serving from Google CDN (optional).
✯ (v4.0) Automated Installation Program to handle the majority of changes.

This extension will minify, combine, compress, and cache all of your CSS & JavaScript files into two requests. From testing the default OpenCart home page it reduces bandwidth used for CSS, and JavaScript by 75.72% (from 409KB to 109KB!!). It also reduces the number of related requests from 14 to 3.

Adds a database caching mechanism which will make your pages fly, for larger stores this is essential, as you add more and more products and categories Open Cart can slow down. Keeping Open Cart running tip-top whether you have 20 or 3,000 products. Best of all this module does not cause any affects by caching important data which might change, such as inventory, stock status, pricing, descriptions, etc.

SEO URL Data Caching to further increase page speed; Image Caching rule sets to increase page speed scores and further reduce redundant requests..

Hosted on Host Gator budget hosting (no VPS/Dedicated Server, minimal hardware).

JAY6360's page cache: http://www.opencart.com/index.php?route=extension/extension/info&extension_id=3477
I feel that both extensions are essential in providing a lightning speed web site.
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Download Name Compatibility Action
V5.2 Increase Page Speed 1.5.0,,,,,, 1.5.1,,,, 1.5.2,, 1.5.3,, 1.5.4,,, 1.5.6,,,, [ Download ]
OC 2.0 - V5.2 Increase Page Speed,,,, [ Download ]

[1/16/2014] - Increase Page Speed 4.2 Released
- Improved General Compatibility
- Added Compatibility
- Added Caching MySQLi Driver

[12/24/2012] - Increase Page Speed 4.0 Released
- Added full 'clear cache' support for vqmod 2.1+
- Added clear cache mechanism for SEO Cache
- Entirely re-designed 'SEO Cache' to make it fully compatible with any SEO URL modifications.
- Seperated CSS / JavaScript minifiers to allow for seperated controls.
- Added detection options, and version overrides to serve Jquery base and Jquery UI from Google CDN.
- Added 'Small Image Inline Encoding' to CSS Minifier (alternative to sprites).
- Added BETA/ALPHA of 'JavaScript Deferance' (do not use this on a live website).
- Added Generic support for Content Delivery Networks and static content cookieless content serving via sub-domain (images/css/javascript).
- Added Options to enable/disable SEO Caching
- Integrated speed analyzer into core release with added options to enable/disable in the IPS panel.
- Added advanced configuration options and debugging to minifier (settings in IPS panel).
- Fixed problems with HTML Minifier.
- Add logo image dimensions specifier.
- Added various dimension specifiers for images in modules.
- Added APC support for minify cache.
- Added min.config writer based upon IPS settings panel settings.
- Entirely overhauled IPS settings panel.
- Fixed several compatability quirks.
- Added JPEG Compression settings percentage variable.
- Added new (fancy looking) documentation.
- Added automated installation application to take care of many of the install requirements.
- Depreciated/Removed 'Smush.It' image processing due to poor performance / occassional time outs.
- Added image processing library vqmod for legacy OpenCarts to add proper PNG compression support (pre 1.5.4.x series).

[8/28/2012] - Increase Page Speed 3.2 Released
- Fixed bug with compatability for OpenCart 1.5.4.*
- Fixed bug with compatability for OpenCart 1.5.3.*
- Fixed bug where JAY6390's page cache would cache data prior to IPS modifications.
- Added FirePHP support
- Shifted hbm_opencart_unit_testing.xml output data to FirePHP.

[8/27/2012] - Increase Page Speed 3.1 Released
- Fixed bug with in memory caching code addition which caused 3.0 to fail entirely.
- Fixed bug which caused JAY6390 cache clear to appear twice.
- Fixed bug with cache clearing success variable being called incorrectly.
- Fixed bug with CDN urls not functioning correctly.
- Fixed bug with in memory cache setting not being read onto settings panel.
- Changed language additions to use * instead of english for non-english admin panels.
- Changed Yes/No , Enabled/Disabled options to be option buttons instead of dropdowns to better conform with admin interface.
- Added custom vqmod to remove JAY6390's clear cache menu item.

[8/26/2012] - Increase Page Speed 3.0 Released
- Fixed Several bugs with regards to CSS/JS combination.
- Fixed CSS rendering problems with legacy IE/Chrome browsers.
- Completely re-written minification gather processing.
- Converted To System Library
- Improved compatibility for OMTex , Shoppica 2 , etc..
- Adds support for conditional php includes of CSS/JS.
- Adds support for variable php pathing of CSS/JS.
- Removed requirement/use of header_min.tpl for faster processing
- Corrected bug with short cache lifetime.
- Primary vqmod renamed to prevent ordering conflict with certain page cache extensions (namely JG's).
- Added Now removes all comments in combined/minified Javascript files.
- Added Keep Alive Connections For Servers which aren't enabled by default (requires mod_headers).
- Added in-memory cache support for supporting servers (replaces OpenCarts file caching with in-memory caching)
- NOTE: no support is provided for setup/config of these systems
- Xcache Support http://xcache.lighttpd.net/
- APC Cache Support http://php.net/manual/en/book.apc.php
- Additional in-memory caching mechanism to follow.
- Added HTML minification support.
- Added image dimension specification to featured module.
- Added image dimension specification to carousel module.
- Added compatability for OpenCart 1.5.4.x.
- Added Cache Clearing Mechanisms in Admin for:
- Images
- Minify
- System
- JAY6390's Page Cache
- All (Less Images)
- All (Including Images)
- Added Smush.It image processing system library
- Added CDN support for Minified URLS (entry for HTTP / HTTPS CDN location)
[6/3/2012] - Apparently I messed up the pathing in the last package, as such the vqmod files were missing.
[6/3/2012] - fixed bug which caused 1.5.3.x updates to cause category names to disappear from main menu in earlier releases.
[5/31/2012] - VERSION 2.1 RELEASE
- Added SEO URL Data Caching.
- Added A Speed/Unit Testing Feature.
- Added Image Caching Rules to improve page speed scores and reduce redundant secondary requests.
- Fixed bug which caused infinite loop / site crash in rare circumstances.
- Added better 'out of box' support for Shoppica Theme
- Added Support for 1.5.3.x OpenCart
[5/08/2012] - WHOOPS FIX! ( sorry everyone )
[5/08/2012] - UPDATE 2.1 RELEASE
- Corrected bug where pre-minified CSS would not go through the urls re-write process to correct paths for background images.
- Added missing language entry for admin panel settings which I mistakenly removed in 2.1 release.
- Added support for CSS & JS Exclude lists in the admin panel.
[5/05/2012] - RELEASE OF 2.1
- Further Improved Script Detection.
- Added the ability to disable category counts from the settings panel in admin.
- Added VQMOD support for 'common/header.tpl so that it doesn't break other VQMOD scripts.
[5/01/2012] - Added Version 2.0

if your products are fairly static and do not change often you may bypass the requirement for a cron/http scheduler.

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