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Developer jipsa78 Views 17645
Date Added 30 August 2012 Downloads 1199
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This is the Shoppica version of Flo's great vQmod, which you can find here:

This vqmod allows you to display extra product details in the product listing (category page, manufacturer page, search, specials) and / or product page:
-stock/stock status depending on how you set to display;

Each field will display only if:
1) you select it in admin > system > settings > main store > options tab.
2) it has a value inserted in admin.

Installation: drop the files inside the upload folder directly to your opencart root. Then log into admin and go to system > settings > edit main store > options tab and set what and where you want to display.

* This file is tested with OpenCart version and Shoppica 2.1.2, but it will probably work with other versions too.
Download Name Compatibility Action
product-display-settings-shoppica.zip 1.5.1,,,, 1.5.2,, 1.5.3, [ Download ]

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