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Intelligent Random Products & Category Products Module

Intelligent Random Products & Category Products Module
Configure options Intelligent Random Products in home page at home Categories Featured & Special Randomize Title depending on module and language Intelligent Random Products in product page
Extension Name Intelligent Random Products & Category Products Module Rating 1 2 3 4 5
License Commercial Votes 42
Price $15.00 Sales 361
Developer dbassa
Date Added 14 October 2012 Request Support
Date Modified 24 July 2015 Report extension
This extension shows random related products in an intelligent way. You can place the module wherever you want. This extension will show you products depending on where you place it, automatically. You can always force to only show products from the selected category and its subcategories, this makes this extension be extremely powerful, showing any category's products wherever you want in your store. You could even add products from a chosen category for just one product. For example, suppose you want to add a set of belts for a single trousers.

If you don't select any category and you leave it in automatic mode, placing the module in a product page will show you products from the same category that product belongs to. You can also add your opencart custom related products that you've already set up for that product.

If you place it in a category page, this extension will show you products from that category. If you are in a category without products, then it will search for subcategories to find products linked to them. This is very useful to fill blank category web pages that they don't have any products in it. You can even configure to show the module only with blank categories.

Again, if you don't select any category, placing it in the home page will show you any product in your store.

We have also added randomize to Opencart's Featured Products and Special Products. Optionally, enable or disable it.

It has no complication. Just install it and enjoy this new module. Your customer is gonna view always different products. No more static content!

This extension will take care of the rest!

Important: No files will be overwritten, this extension will keep your theme's design and the randomize work is done in the php environment to not overhead your mysql server and boost performance.

Works fine in 99% themes.


Q: What is the meaning of "Add Related Products (only in product layout):"

A: In OpenCart you have got related products as default. These related products can be added to our extension to complement it and show our related products by category and the one you set up in your store as related.

Q: What is the meaning of "Show only in categories without products (only in category layout):"

A: If you have got a top main category without any products linked, this extension give you the ability to show its subcategories products when you click on this main category.

Q: What is the meaning of "We have also added to Featured & Special Products the ability to enable or disable randomize function in admin section."

A: OpenCart has got Featured & Special modules with fixed products. This extension makes them random if you want.


Please, use our e-mail danbasper@gmail.com to get support. Do not use comments section for submitting issues. You will need to provide us your ftp and admin user / password
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Download Name Compatibility Action
Intelligent Random Products, 1.5.2,, 1.5.3,, 1.5.4,, 1.5.5,, 1.5.6,,,, [ Download ]
Intelligent Random Products,, [ Download ]

To INSTALL this extension carefully follow ALL the following steps:

Before you start, if you haven't got vqmod installed. Install it first. Please visit: http://code.google.com/p/vqmod/

1.- Uncompress the zip file
2.- Upload the upload folder content in your root opencart folder
3.- Enter in your opencart admin zone
4.- Extensions - Modules
5.- Install & Edit & Setup - Intelligent Random Products

If you have any comment you can send an e-mail to danbasper@gmail.com

Thanks for downloading our extension.

You could visit ALL our extenions in http://www.opencart.com/index.php?route=extension/extension&filter_username=dbassa

That's all!


2012-10-17 (2.0)
- ADDED: In product page, you should not see, in the module, the same product you are in

2012-10-19 (2.0)
- ADDED: Random Featured Products. Now you have the ability to enable or disable it

2012-10-25 (2.1)
- ADDED: Repeat products if there are not enough products in store

2012-10-27 (2.2)
- ADDED: Do not show module if there's no others products in category

2012-10-28 (2.3)
- ADDED: Show more accurate category products

2012-11-07 (2.4)
- FIXED: Error accessing page product when you have got prefix database table names

2012-11-09 (3.0)
- ADDED: Optionally, now you are able to add product related products, to fill the module when you place it in product page
- ADDED: Much better performance making random operation in php instead of mysql
- ADDED: When you place the module in a main category, all products representing that category are shown

2012-11-10 (3.1)
- ADDED: Improved products shown when category is empty

2012-11-10 (3.2)
- ADDED: Now, you are able to enable or disable to show the module only in categories without products

2012-11-10 (3.3)
- ADDED: Enable or disable to show the Add to cart button

2012-11-17 (3.4)
- ADDED: Random Special Products. Now you have the ability to enable or disable it

2012-12-10 (3.5)
- FIXED: Random Special was only randomizing data field limit products, instead of all special products

2012-12-11 (3.6)
- ADDED: You have the ability to add a title for each module depending on layout and language

2013-03-28 (3.7)
- ADDED: A better way to merge this extension with themes other than default

2013-04-11 (3.7.1)
- ADDED: Some variables in controller to make the extension works in more themes

2013-07-17 (3.7.2)
- FIXED: Some stores with several languages with no description for all those languages makes appears blank products

2013-09-09 (3.8)
- ADDED select a category as a source for random products (now, you can fill modules with desired categories)
- REMOVED add to cart combo box. As we are now getting the catalog tpl from user's theme, we don't need it anymore

2013-09-16 (
- FIXED when selecting category products when two or more modules in one page

2013-09-20 (
- FIXED limit products when Opencart Related Products were added

2013-09-25 (
- FIXED improved the way the module is populated when a product has got lots of categories related

2013-10-01 (
- FIXED hide the product you are visiting in product page layout

2013-11-04 (
- FIXED in some cases, you are not able to add a new module since categories have been added to the extension

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