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1.4.7-1.4.9Factor adjustable shipment module with subsequent group

1.4.7-1.4.9Factor adjustable shipment module with subsequent group
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Extension Name 1.4.7-1.4.9Factor adjustable shipment module with subsequent group Rating 1 2 3 4 5
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Date Added 2 December 2010 Downloads 738
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Finally a professional shipment module for Opencart that not only adds up the weight of all the products in the cart, it also includes the weight of the factor which can be a carton, an envelop or something else to the total weight of the products to give you a more realistic and accurate total weight of the shipment. The admin can chose the factors that should be added to the total weight. This module automatically chooses the larger, more heavier package if various products are in the cart. This way it can be possible to pack all products that are listed in the cart into one box.

This module allows the admin to assign each product to a specific factor (i.e. box, envelop, etc.). The weight of this factor which will be calculated to the weight of the products in the cart can be allocated to this specific factor.

This is the new and advanced version of Factor adjustable shipment module(http://www.opencart.com/index.php?route=extension/extension/info&extension_id=873&path=4)

At this version has two sub factor:quantity , weight; they will determine which Subsequent Group will be choose.

Download Name Compatibility Action
Factor adjustable shipment module with subsequence group 1.4.7, 1.4.8, 1.4.8b, 1.4.9,,, [ Download ]

1. Unzip and then upload the content of "factorgroup" to the root directory of your opencart shop. This is the file that contains "admin" and "catalog". No files are overwritten. No files have to be edited.
2. Change permission settings in "User Groups" for factorgroup.
3.In "Extension", "Settings", the "Factor adjustable shipment module" can be set according to your requirements.

Example: (after you install it)
Rates for UK in "Factor adjustable shipment module(按重量分组配送)" in grams.

That means that the weight of products up to 100 grams cost 3.50 Pounds, up to 500 grams cost 5 Pounds, up to 1000 grams cost 7 Pounds, etc..
Group setting:
Factorgroup Weight: Factorgroup Weight:
1. carton A 150
2. carton B 300
3. carton C 600

Subsequent Group setting:
Factor Group Factor Subsequent Factor Group
1 carton A Weight 300 carton C
2 carton A Quantity 5 carton B
2 carton B Weight 500 carton C
1.means that the weight of products bigger than 300 grams and when the auto chose is carton A , it will auto chose Subsequent factorgroup 'carton C';
2.means that the quantiy of products bigger than 5and when the auto chose is carton A , it will auto chose Subsequent factorgroup 'carton B';
3. etc..
calculate method:
1 racket 100 grams would fit into a carton A 150 grams = 250 grams
1 racket 150 grams would fit into a carton B 300 grams = 950 grams

If put into one carton, the total weight would be 250 grams (100 + 150) + 300 grams = 550 grams

Now we can add more products:

1 pair of shoes 600 grams would fit into carton B 300 grams = 900 grams

If we add all products together,the product's total weight is 850 grams (100+150+600) ,according to factor group setting it will auto chose carton B 300 grams ,than according to Subsequent factorgroup setting,the product's weight 850 bigger than 500,so will chose carton C(600 grams) at last

Total weight:

850 grams + 600 grams = 1450 grams total

Now the module should check the rates. According to the rates in "Factor adjustable shipment module", the shipping cost would be 8 Pounds since the total weight is less the 2000 grams and more then 1000 grams.

Tags Finally, a, professional, shipment, module, for, Opencart, that, not, only, adds, up, the, weight, of, all, the, products, in, the, cart, , it, also, includes, the, weight, of, the, factor, which, can, be, a, carton, , an, envelop, or, something, else, to, the, total, weight, of, the, products, to, give, you, a, more, realistic, and, accurate, total, weight, of, the, shipment., The, admin, can, chose, the, factors, that, should, be, added, to, the, total, weight., This, module, automatically, chooses, the, larger, , more, heavier, package, if, various, products, are, in, the, cart., This, way, it, can, be, possible, to, pack, all, products, that, are, listed, in, the, cart, into, one, box. This, module, allows, the, admin, to, assign, each, product, to, a, specific, factor, (i.e., box, , envelop, , etc.)., The, weight, of, this, factor, which, will, be, calculated, to, the, weight, of, the, products, in, the, cart, can, be, allocated, to, this, specific, factor. This, is, the, new, an

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