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Version Release Date Action (Latest version) August 1, 2016 [ Download ] July 31, 2016 [ Download ] July 30, 2016 [ Download ] March 2, 2016 [ Download ] January 12, 2016 [ Download ] October 6, 2015 [ Download ] May 29, 2015 [ Download ] March 31, 2015 [ Download ] December 6, 2014 [ Download ] November 30, 2014 [ Download ] October 1, 2014 [ Download ] April 23, 2014 [ Download ] April 15, 2014 [ Download ] April 10, 2014 [ Download ] January 7, 2014 [ Download ]
1.5.6 July 25, 2013 [ Download ] January 22, 2013 [ Download ] August 18, 2012 [ Download ]
1.5.4 August 16, 2012 [ Download ]

Do not use this version, download the latest release instead.

Do not use this version, download the latest release instead

This release includes a lot of bug fixes which can be found on the change log here:

Fraud extension support
Fraud labs pro module added
G2A Pay payment gateway module added

Google reCAPTCHA added for contact page and product reviews
Amazon Login and Pay module added
Global Payments module added
PayPal merchant on boarding added to PayPal Express module

Commit log:

We're happy to announce our latest version, 2.0!

New features include:
Fully responsive design
OCmod - virtual file modification
Redesigned admin area and front end
More payment gateways included in the standard download
Event notification system
Custom form fields

Although 2.0 is now released we advise all existing store owners to check that any 3rd party modules they have installed will work with the latest version. If you already have a working store we always advise a backup is done and you test in a new environment before you update!

Bugs fixed

Fixed issue with images containing the <? (used in xml etc) string in the source and not uploading. Now only checks long php tag
Fixed language string for "error_file_type" in admin filemanger/upload method
Fixed upgrade issues caused by PHP consider 0 equal to null
Updated SQL query in getTotalEmailsByProductsOrdered and getEmailsByProductsOrdered to use the limits in the correct method


Updated SQL mode in install SQL file and MySQLi adapter to accommodate servers that have strict mode enabled by default
Removed Amazon payments xls file from system folder as it can be downloaded online and has no place in the code framework
Improved currency update method to include curl timeouts, to handle occasional timeout issues

View the change log here:

Bugs fixed

Image manager issue where the thumbnails failed to load
PayPal Express totals calculation, fixed incorrect variable names
Fixed report for coupons to search the history table instead for start/end filters


Allow arrays to be written to the log file
Check uploaded files for php content, reduce the risk of image files containing php and running on insecure servers

View the change log here:

Updates to the PayPal Express module to fix some issues during checkout.

Changed UTF-8 helper file to new code and updated the installer to check for iconv function or mbstring extension.

More info including commit links can be found in the change log:

MySQLi database support available at install.

Minor patches - please see GitHub commits for more info.


Paypal Pro Iframe / Payflow Pro iFrame
PayPal Express Checkout

Amazon Payments

OpenBay Pro

set the language class back tot he old style to avoid compatibility problems with extensions
add the load method for language back to the loader class
fixed an issue with deleting categories

A problem was found with the encryption class that stopped files being decrypt, paypal and moneybookers from working correctly

To upgrade from 1.5.4 you only need to replace the system > library > encryption.php file



View Customers Online
Searchable fields like isbn, upc, eam, etc..
Updated the doctype to html5
Update (AIM) for Shipping information
Added salt columns for better security
Using mCrypt for better encryption security (now requires PHP mcrypt extension).
better image re-sizing. if an images is the correct size it won;t be re-sized.

Show stock warning only if enabled for individuals products.
Sending mail to customers fails when SSL enabled
Delete address from address book fix
customer_blacklist IPv6 fix
Use default PNG compression level of 6

A full list of fixes you can be found here:

A full list of changes can be found here:

Server hosting requirements

  • Web Server (Apache or Nginx suggested)
  • PHP (at least 5.3)
  • Curl enabled
  • Database (MySQLi suggested)

License: GNU GPL License

Project Code: GitHub (GIT)

Translation packs: Extension store or Crowdin

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