9 Clever and Most Effective Social Media Promotion Ideas You're Not Using

When you start a social media account to promote your business, it becomes a powerful tool to attract new audiences. But why do some people manage to promote their account, while others do not? Someone thinks that the whole secret is only in paid targeted advertising. But other methods help make your account more visible to your target audience. Let's talk about them.


1. Branded Hashtags

Many people are guided by popular hashtags that are leading. This option should not be discounted, but do not forget to come up with your own branded hashtag, under which readers will find your posts. Such a hashtag will provide you with more recognition and uniqueness. And it will also testify to your serious intentions to run a business and present it so that people read more and get acquainted with your product.

2. Promote Social Networks on Your Site

Many entrepreneurs and companies make the mistake of not linking their social networks and online resource. As a result, they have several tools for online promotion that do not reinforce each other. Don't make that mistake. Place badge buttons on your site with the ability to navigate to your pages on social networks. This will greatly enhance your business and allow people to follow your news from different sources. They will get used to you, which in the long run will increase the level of trust.

BONUS: You could promote your social networks using sale messages via SMS as well.

3. Make Newsletters With a Link to Your Social Networks

Many companies have already seen how powerful business can be strengthened through the creation of competent newsletters. When you send them out to customers, and they can learn something new for themselves, this increases loyalty. The target audience appreciates that you care about them. To make people interested in subscribing to your social networks, you can use a good life hack - post there a continuation of the material that you post in the newsletter. And point out that on your page you can read more interesting things on the topic. This will motivate you to follow you everywhere, so as not to lose sight of any important information.

According to statistics, people on average spend 2 hours and 24 minutes a day on social networks. So why not make sure that your accounts are the focus of their attention?

4. Give Discounts to Your Social Media Followers

The same applies to other promotional offers - for example, a small second product as a gift. Follower promotions are a good and proven way to increase interest in your social media pages.

Some companies believe that such steps will be unprofitable for them. But with the right marketing strategy, this will not happen. People need to know that they are not in vain subscribed to your news and can learn something important for themselves, as well as feel the loyalty of the company thanks to such a subscription.

Tips: You can give discounts to your followers by creating a QR code or hosting a fun spinner wheel, to choose a winner randomly from list of candidates!

5. Announce Flash Mobs

Flashmobs bring people together and increase interest in your company. This is especially true when it comes to topics close to a wide range of audiences. For example, take a picture of your pet along with the purchased product and tag your company. Such flash mobs give people good emotions, so they love them and are happy to join. And interest in your page is growing. There is increased activity around it. In the end, the business wins.

6. Transmit Values

Unlike tool hacks, this recommendation is effective in the long run. You will not see the results of this strategy already, because it will take some time. But when you talk about the values that are close to your business, you increase the chances of gathering an audience of like-minded people around you.

When you work for people with whom you see the world in the same way, this increases the chances that the business will be successful. You won't have to deal with hate or take too long to convey the importance and benefits of your product. It is always more pleasant and easy to work for those who understand you. And for this, you need to convey the right messages to the world that are close to your target audience. With the help of these messages, you become visible to them.

7. Make Periodic Raffles

This is an effective recommendation, but you should not overdo it. Otherwise, you increase the risk that the page will be followed by people who are not focused on buying anything from you, but simply waiting for the opportunity to regularly receive something for free. To prevent this from happening, it is best to raffle prizes among your real customers. For example, make a promotion, under the terms in which people who purchase a novelty product can take part. Such a sweepstakes policy will attract an audience of those people who are interested in buying from you.

8. Engage Influencers

When your products are advertised by bloggers with a large audience, this enhances the effect of advertising. However, their services can be very expensive. Not every company can afford to order advertising from people who have gathered a huge audience around them. But this does not mean at all that something is preventing you from attracting other reputable people to promote your product. If you sell beauty products, look for support from a medically trained cosmetologist. If your products are goods for motorists, let the masters of automotive services talk about them. If you produce goods for the garden, then it is worth attracting biologists to advertise.

There are people in every industry who can advertise your product if it's really good, and they don't have to sacrifice their reputation. You do not have to pay big money to bloggers with millions of followers if such advertising is too expensive for your company.

9. Show Potential Customers the Manufacturing Process

When you cover the production process in the topics of your content, customer loyalty increases many times over. A well-made video on YouTube or other social media platform could be a way to drive considerable traffic to your brand. Make sure to work on the quality and add a bit of pro video editing software to the mix. People see that you have an open, decent, and transparent communication policy. You have nothing to hide, which means that the quality of the offered product can be trusted. You can use Online video editing tools like Canva to create amazing videos to take your video marketing to the next level.


Above, we considered eloquent social media statistics, according to which people spend a lot of time on social networks. For your business to be powerful, it must be present where your target audience spends their time. But it’s not enough just to be on social media. Your content strategy should be smart and thoughtful. Otherwise, the company will be lost against the background of competing enterprises.

Try to maintain pages in such a way that a community of people with similar values is formed around them. This will allow you to work with a comfortable and loyal audience interested in your product.