Advanced Captcha

Advanced Captcha:

Due to popular demand we have now made our Advanced Captcha code into an extension that can now be purchased on the OpenCart extension store. As you would have seen from my previous blog we noticed that spammers were finding ways around the default OpenCart Captcha which rendered the security null and void. The Advanced Captcha is not visible to the eye but does give you the reassurance that spammers will be kept at bay. This extension is compatible with versions 1.5.4 through to the latest

The Advanced Captcha extension is priced at $130 -

Next Day Delivery Countdown:

We recently updated our Next Day Countdown Timer. This is now available to users who have the antepenultimate version of OpenCart, This very handy extension allows to you to add a shipping cut-off countdown to your store. You can manually set the cut-off time and whether or not to include weekends.

The Next Day Delivery Countdown is priced at $20 -

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