Amplify your sales with Afterpay Day

Afterpay Day: 

This August, millions of customers will be shopping online and in-store at one of the biggest biannual sales and shopping events in Australia and New Zealand.1

Now in its fifth year, Afterpay Day is a highly effective way for Afterpay merchants to drive sales and engage not only with existing customers but also acquire new customers. And it’s proving very popular with Gen Z and Millennials who make up 66% of customers who shop with Afterpay.2

Reach more customers

Afterpay Day has become a key moment for merchants, thanks to Afterpay’s sizeable promotional campaign that drives customers to the Afterpay shopping directory. It’s here that shoppers can find special Afterpay Day discounts and deals offered by participating Afterpay merchants in Australia and New Zealand.

Last year, the event in Australia and New Zealand saw:


views of Afterpay Day messaging across digital channels.3


shoppers searching for Afterpay4


consumers reached in-store and in-centre5

6 tips for making the most of Afterpay Day

To really get the most out of the event, and maximise your sales and exposure, you need to do some upfront planning. Here are six tips to set you up for success.

1. Register your offer

Put together your customer offer and submit it here to Afterpay before Tuesday 9th August 2022 at 5:00pm AEST.

2. Make your offer a standout

Afterpay shoppers like to do their research before the event kicks off. Be sure to create an engaging offer that will capture their attention. Fixed discounts are usually the most popular.

3. Give your customers a heads up

Get your customers hyped for the sale by pre-promoting the event. Consider sending an email to your loyal customers to give them a heads up that the sale is coming. And don’t forget to promote the sale across your socials to drive awareness.

4. Get your staff trained up

Make sure your staff are well prepped ahead of the event by sharing details of the offer, how to checkout with Afterpay in-store, how to process purchases, and the staff roster if you’re bringing on extra staff or adding extra shifts.

5. Call it out online

Think about how you want to promote the event on your website. Will you opt for a homepage takeover or pop-ups to call attention to the sale? If you’re using emails and social media posts to send customers to your online store, make sure you link directly to your Afterpay Day sale page to drive more conversions.

6. Make it visual

If you have a bricks & mortar store, using visual merchandising is a great way to capture customers’ attention and let them know you’re participating in the event. Afterpay offers a range of visual merchandising assets that can be downloaded and printed, including window decals and posters. Use these assets throughout your store and windows to promote the sale. And don’t forget to add reminders at your point of sale.

Ready to get involved?

If you’d like to take part in the sales event of the year, register your Afterpay Day offer here.

Not partnered with Afterpay? If you’d like to offer Afterpay in Australia and or New Zealand ahead of the next Afterpay Day, sign up for Afterpay here and then register your offer.

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2 Millennials and Gen Z in Australia: Next Gen Index, February 2022

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5 Taken from multiple media reporting sources for Afterpay in-store and across 58 Westfield and Vicinity Centres during March 2022