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A famous brand, Tupperware's store got hacked a few weeks ago - hackers managed to steal credit card information of the customers. The Magecart group of hackers has been targeting all kinds of e-commerce stores to steal personally identifiable data and financial information.

Sometimes it’s not only data they are after - hackers have also been found to mine cryptocurrency using server resources. In times like these, OpenCart security has become more important than ever.

Top Hacks Hackers Perform on E-commerce Stores

Hackers do not discriminate when hacking. Even though OpenCart is known to be a secure CMS, attackers target vulnerabilities in themes, extensions, and custom code. The custom code written to modify the store or add functionalities may have been built in a less secure fashion, giving an easy entry for hackers severely impacting OpenCart security.

  1. XSS: Cross-Site Scripting is known as the ‘low hanging fruit’ in the security world. A massive 88% of websites are vulnerable to this attack. Consequences of an XSS attack include causing redirection of your store to pharma/questionable websites and tricking your customers to share sensitive information.

  2. Code Injection: Inadequate input validation in your code can lead to hackers injecting malicious code in the OpenCart store. This malicious code can be used to mine cryptocurrency, hack your store, and even redirect your visitors to websites such as competitors or malicious pages.

  3. SQL Injection: As the name suggests, this vulnerability can give hackers access to your complete database! The consequences can be disastrous, and can cause leakage of sensitive customer information.

    Famous OpenCart theme Journal recently patched an SQL error vulnerability in the theme which was reported by Astra Security's researchers.

  4. Credit Card Hacking: This is one of the scariest hacks. Using the vulnerabilities mentioned above and more, hackers manage to steal credit card information from your customers. We've seen hackers using all sorts of creative methods to steal credit card information like adding a new payment method to the checkout page and directing payments to their own PayPal. As an OpenCart store owner, this is one of the worst things that could happen to your OpenCart's security.

    Since the last few months, we've been recording a high rise in credit card stealing malware in all e-commerce stores.

  5. Directory Traversal & Sensitive Information Disclosure: Often server configurations cause information leakage like giving access to restricted directories or backups to hackers. This information helps hackers in crafting attacks. It is very important to ensure that the servers are configured correctly, file permissions are accurate and no sensitive information is being leaked. Having your admin at is one of the top mistakes store owners make and should be avoided. Always secure the admin folder with HTTP authentication.

How Astra Security Ensures Rock-solid OpenCart Security with its OpenCart Firewall & Security Suite

Astra Security is the complete security suite that your OpenCart store needs. Designed by security experts who've helped Microsoft, Adobe, AT&T, Blackberry, various banks and other top organizations secure their websites from hackers.

Astra's Complete OpenCart Security Suite.

Here's what makes Astra Security the go-to security solution for your OpenCart store:

  1. Rock Solid Firewall: Astra comes with a rock-solid firewall that protects your store 24x7 against bad bots, SQLi, XSS, and 100+ internet threats. Astra ensures protection against every new vulnerability that's discovered, keeping your store hacker-proof always.

    OpenCart Security and malware protection Astra Security

  2. Automatic Malware Scanner: A machine-learning powered automatic malware scanner that scans your website daily and ensures OpenCart file integrity. No more malicious redirects to questionable websites, SEO spam, or credit card stealing malware problems. Astra ensures your website is in the best of health always.

    OpenCart Malware Scanner

  3. Tailored OpenCart Security Features: Our security researchers are always on top of the latest vulnerabilities. We routinely find & help fix vulnerabilities in various OpenCart themes and extensions, hence we are able to tailor our security engine for OpenCart stores. Right from login protection to spam prevention, we have security features and rule sets built-in, which are tailored for OpenCart.

  4. Security Audit: Uncover vulnerabilities in your store before hackers do with Astra's security audits. Right from finding the smallest bugs to payment manipulation vulnerabilities, Astra ensures every bug in your store is uncovered. Our security experts also work with your team to help fix the found vulnerabilities.

    OpenCart Security Audit

  5. Run a Bug Bounty Program: Your website is vulnerable. There's always a new malware or hack floating around that you are not protected against.

    With community security, ethical hackers guard your website, report vulnerabilities, and earn rewards. You allow people to report any security weaknesses they find through a dedicated channel and strengthen your website before it's attacked—at no cost to your business.

With attacks on the rise, hackers are targeting e-commerce stores massively. OpenCart malware attacks have caused havoc, right from redirecting websites to stealing credit card data.

Prevention is definitely better than cure when it comes to securing your OpenCart. Astra Security's Opencart malware removal will help you recover all the data and provide a complete security suite for your OpenCart that makes your store's security a plug-n-play affair. Give Astra a shot and there won't be any going back.

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