Attract more customers with Afterpay and Clearpay

Need more customers? How does 19M sound? How to get new customers and supercharge sales


Online shopping is big business. According to Statisa, retail e-commerce sales are forecast to grow to around USD7.4 trillion by 2025.1 With more consumers shopping online, it’s never been more important to attract new customers to your business. With Afterpay by your side (also known as Clearpay in the United Kingdom and Europe) you’re well on the way to doing just that.


Open your doors to 19M2 active global customers

Offering Afterpay or Clearpay lets you access millions of loyal customers who make it a priority to shop at businesses that offer this payment option.

Not only do these customers shop more frequently than non-Afterpay or Clearpay customers, but they also spend more.3

                                              The top 10% of customers4 use:

  ·         Afterpay 24X per year – US

  ·         Afterpay 64X per year – ANZ

  ·         Clearpay 32X per year - UK

“Afterpay has helped us attract customers. We put [the Afterpay logo] on all our social media. It’s very, very visible throughout the checkout process and on the homepage of our website.”

——Matthew Skerritt, EveryHuman


Get referrals – lots of them!

One way to get new customers is through referrals. Every day, Afterpay’s Shop Directory sends one million referrals4 to merchants around the globe.

When you partner with Afterpay or Clearpay and list your business on the highly coveted Shop Directory, you can tap into this opportunity.


“We’ve been blown away at how popular Clearpay has been with our customers since launching. We’ve gained large amounts of high-quality referral traffic which has in turn lead to improved conversion rates across our website and mobile app."

—— Perfume Direct


Attract more customers to your business

offering Afterpay or Clearpay in-store, you’re giving customers the opportunity to shop now with the flexibility to pay in 4 interest-free installments over 6 weeks or 60 days depending on what region you’re in. And that means a better experience for them and more customers for your business.

US: The average Afterpay merchant reports gaining almost 13% more new customers5

UK: Clearpay merchants report gaining up to 40% new customers compared to before Clearpay.6

ANZ: 85% of Australian Afterpay customers discovered a new merchant in the last six months.7


“By adding Afterpay to our other payment options, we’re able to provide a more customized shopping experience, give our customers additional convenience and control and reach a younger demographic who may not have been able to shop with us before.”

—— John Strain, Chief Digital and Technology Officer, Gap Inc.


Get new customers and supercharge sales!

Afterpay and Clearpay can integrate seamlessly with your OpenCart website. Signing up is easy and you can be up and running a few days.


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