Boost engagement, clicks and sales with DataFeedWatch

We’re all looking for ways to expand our online reach without compromising the quality of our message, right? Selling at more touchpoints while providing the best customer experience possible away from your own site is something that every ecommerce operation wants to do.


But how can you provide complete, accurate product data and other information about your offer across multiple channels without spending way too much time doing it yourself or hiring a small army to do it for you? 


That’s where DataFeedWatch comes in. 


DataFeedWatch manages, optimizes and delivers your shopping feed, no matter the scale, to every online sales and promotional platform where you have a presence. It maximizes the success of your online sales efforts by providing the information your customers are looking for, no matter where they are. 


They accomplish this through focusing on your product feed. And if this wasn’t on your radar already, it’s time to catch up. 

What is feed optimization & why is it so important? 


A product feed is essentially a list of your products for sale along with information about their attributes, like size & color for clothes or technical specifications of electronic equipment, etc. Think of the search terms consumers use to find what they’re looking for online — that’s the kind of data that needs to be in product feeds. 


This is where the content for online advertisements on various ecommerce platforms comes from.


Your product feed determines how you respond, or if you respond at all, to customer searches about items in your offer. It includes the information that satisfies search queries, engages customers and drives traffic to your site. 


Here’s why keeping your product feed optimized at all times is a must for ecommerce success:

  • Today’s ecommerce is multichannel and you have to manage your ads all over the internet. Free and direct sources of traffic aren’t enough anymore. You have to combine direct traffic, paid search, marketplaces, social media and more. That means you need a way to automate and manage the information you share in these and other places.

  • Your PPC ads can only be as good as your product feed allows because that’s the information that Google and other platforms have to work with. If your product feed is incomplete or somehow insufficient, your ads will suffer and the clicks won’t come. 

  • Taking control of your product feed is easier and more accessible than ever and the benefits make it worth it. Anyone with access to a tool like DataFeedWatch needs two minutes to make changes that used to require days or weeks from a developer or agency account manager. Experimenting for new solutions is essentially cost-free. 

  • Feed optimization is like campaign optimization — it’s never “finished”. Whether you suddenly want to try a different PPC strategy, promote or exclude a certain brand, test different ideas, remove low-profit items or a thousand other things, feed optimization gives you the power to do what you want quickly.


Automating your product feed is important too. When your inventory grows beyond a certain size, dealing with everything manually becomes a complex challenge. At some point after that, it becomes altogether impossible. 


Here’s what you get from using DataFeedWatch with your Opencart shop 

Let’s talk specifics here. Integrate your Opencart shop with DataFeedWatch now and here’s what you’ll get in the next few weeks:


Better product ads performance


Applying optimized data to your product feed means you can change priorities on the fly and reallocate resources away from poorly-performing ads to high-performing ones, driving increases in all the most important metrics, like traffic, conversion rates, ROAS and more. Just look at what one of DataFeedWatch's clients achieved with a simple reset of where their ad spend was going using their product feed. 

Automated product listings everywhere you need them to be

DataFeedWatch takes information from your website and other data you can enter directly into your account and sends it to every sales platform you use. You become more visible and customers get the same product info that they would get by visiting your site. 

Instant price competitiveness 

Use a database of competitor price points to make sure you don’t lose customers instantly. Be sure your prices are aligned with market conditions and keep them that way with constant updates. 

24/7 support ready to help

From beginners to the most advanced power users, everyone needs some help sometimes and we’re ready with answers to any questions you might have. 

Increased visibility with automated, feed-based text ads

Leverage your product feeds into more online visibility with compelling text Search Ads. DataFeedWatch can automatically create ads at scale, saving you time and increasing your profile. 


Getting started with DataFeedWatch 

If you’re ready to see just what a difference a fully optimized, automated product feed can make, try DataFeedWatch today. Getting started is easy:


Step 1: Set up your account and start by connecting your first shop.


Step 2: Follow simple instructions to add the sales channels where your product feed will go


Step 3: Deploy your optimized feeds and follow the progress 


That’s it — you’re all set and ready for better online sales!


The time to get started is NOW, thanks to a promotion for Opencart customers to take advantage of all that DataFeedWatch has to offer. Sign up now and get a 30-day free trial and your first month free on any paid monthly plan!