Keep your business running during COVID-19

During this challenging period, many businesses are forced to shut, depriving many of their income. Here's two reasons how e-commerce can help your business. If your business is still not online, it is time to get started.


1. Business As Usual Online


Forced to shut? Although your physical store has to shut and people have to stay home, your e-commerce store can still operate. Customers can shop from the comfort of their homes during this period, ensuring that you still get a steady flow of income.


2. Gain Exposure


No longer getting the usual foot traffic? You can get traffic from search engines such as Google instead. Advertise on Google, and with effective marketing, you might even get more traffic on your e-commerce store than the foot traffic you used to get!


How’s OpenCart helping?


Partnering with OpenCart, https://www.equotix.comEquotix will provide the following services free to all businesses affected.


1. Free 6 months OpenCart store


For 6 months, pay absolutely nothing and get your own e-commerce store. All you will need is to bring your own domain name, and Equotix will have an OpenCart store installed and setup with the default theme for you. Upload your products are you are good to go.


2. Free 2 months Search Engine Marketing service


For 2 months, Equotix will help you setup and run your online ads, ensuring that you make every penny spent worth! All you will need is just a minimum commitment of US$1500/month spending on Google, and we will do the rest of the hard work for you.


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