Live Chat & Marketing Automation for OpenCart

Live chat is an important aspect of any ecommerce site. It has grown to become a popular, and expected, feature for website visitors shopping online. Prospective customers can ask questions about products and get answers right away. Ecommerce companies can easily provide the service as a cost-effective, real-time communication channel while being able to address multiple queries at once. It also gives companies a leg up on potential competitors who do not offer the same communication channel as an option. Many e-commerce companies outsource live chat services as it allows them to hire highly skilled chat agents at a mearge cost.

Live chat can also have a direct hand in increasing sales despite originally being considered a useful tool just for customer support. According to Forrester, buyers who chat will spend 60% more on average! The same study goes on to conclude that visitors who chat convert 2.8x more than those that don’t.  This can be attributed to support being available to customers to answer pre-sales questions before they deflect (e.g. how much is shipping, how fast can I get the item, do you have my size, etc.).  Also, isn’t it just more comforting when you go to a website and see a live chat widget, where you’re able to have a conversation with someone on the other end before you spend money?

With the OpenCart Extension, you can install live chat to your OpenCart store in just a matter of minutes. The platform comes with many powerful features, including real-time visitor monitoring, Artificial Intelligence-driven helper bots, mobile apps, canned messages (saved replies), and much more. Formilla is unique in that it combines robust live chat along with marketing automation features (e.g. automatic email and in-app messaging based on customer actions) that work in tandem to provide an all-in-one customer messaging solution. 

Formilla’s marketing automation features give online stores the ability to capture leads using live chat 24x7 as customers are shopping, and create email campaigns to keep customers coming back with easy-to-use email messaging. And email is just as relevant as ever, with an average ROI of a whopping $44 for each dollar spent. With Formilla’s In-App messages, pop-ups can be strategically displayed based on timers, placement, and page URL to make announcements about sales, product updates, important news and more.

Download the Formilla OpenCart extension and get started today with a free 15-day trial (no credit card required).