Make checkout simpler by adding Apple Pay® with PayPal

Businesses looking to maximize their revenue and conversions should accept the payment methods their customers want to use — and that includes popular digital wallets like Apple Pay. The result? You may be able to capture more sales and improve your checkout experience.

The benefits and ease of accepting digital wallets

Offering checkout options like digital wallets provide several benefits for both merchants and shoppers, including:

  • Greater speed and convenience. Digital wallets let people pay with a tap, which can reduce online cart abandonment and speed up checkout lines.

  • Increased security. Digital wallets require authentication, such as a PIN, fingerprint, network tokenization or face scan. This can protect customers from having their payment methods stolen while also protecting merchants against fraud.

  • Better positioned for the future. Digital wallets are becoming the payment method of choice for digital-native consumers who always have their phones close at hand. By accepting digital wallets, you can cater to millennial and Gen Z shoppers, who hold significant purchasing power.

And there are even more reasons why acceptingdiversified payment methods can help you increase sales and build loyalty by making it easier for customers to buy: 

Many people have strong preferences for which payment methods they want to use. If you can’t accept their preferred payment method, they may decide to shop somewhere else.68% of consumers surveyed globally say that they will not shop there if the retailer does not offer their preferred payment type.1

By making it easy for customers to pay how they want to pay using their preferred payment method, you can give customers one more reason to keep coming back.

PayPal Checkout: The all-in-one solution to add more payment methods

PayPal Checkout makes it easy to add the most preferred payment methods to your OpenCart store – with just one integration. And the best thing is all these new functionalities come without additional cost. 

OpenCart merchants can now accept even more types of payments online and in-store, helping to drive more sales and conversions, including:

  • PayPal 

  • PayPal Pay Later

  • Credit cards

  • Debit cards

  • PayPal wallet

  • Venmo (US only)

  • Apple Pay (US only)

By managing all your payment methods via PayPal and Opencart, you can quickly access a unified overview via your PayPal dashboard, review performance including payments, pay-outs, disputes reconciliation, settlements, and chargebacks. You’ll also be able to better manage cash flow and receive money instantly in your PayPal Business account.

Upgrade is easy. And there’s no additional cost. 

Start offering Apple Pay to your customers with a single PayPal integration. (US only)

All you have to do is to upgrade from your old PayPal integration to PayPal Checkout following these steps:

1. Download the latest module version from the OpenCart Marketplace.

2. Log in to the OpenCart admin panel.

3. Select Extensions > Installer and Upload the downloaded file.

4. Go to Extensions > Payments and uninstall old PayPal integration if any.

5. Now Install PayPal Checkout Integration and click Edit to setup ApplePay in this section.

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¹IDC InfoBrief, Sponsored by PayPal, “Do Retailers Really Know What Digital Shoppers Want?,” Doc. #US49041822, May 2022. The survey conducted by IDC among 505 large enterprises and 10,054 consumers in five markets: the US, UK, Australia, Germany and France.

Apple, Apple Pay, and Apple Wallet are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.