Improve efficiency in your invoice management with the GetMyInvoices Extension

Improve efficiency in your invoice management with the GetMyInvoices Extension

Traditional invoice management is, among other things, time-consuming and cost-intensive. Many online shop merchants still spend their time on unproductive administrative chores, and capacities are often tied up – due to the manual tracking of unpaid invoices, invoice processing in general, or HR department procedures. But particularly in those areas, processes can be significantly “slimmed down” with the application of intelligent technologies and digital tools. This is where GetMyInvoices comes to your aid.

Our invoice management solution relieves bookkeeping staff of a lot of unproductive tasks by automating many processes. Specifically, GetMyInvoices automatically gathers invoices from the most diverse sources – from online portals over email postboxes to invoicing tools. Receipts accruing “on the go” can be easily digitalized with a scan app. All documents are collected and stored in one central location in the cloud. Using a web browser, those documents can be conveniently managed and researched, device- and location-independently. As well as that, it is possible to automatically transfer documents to other applications. Those include common accounting solutions, document management systems and solutions used by tax consultants. Access data has to be entered only once for each respective application, and transfer conditions can be defined; after that, invoices and receipts get to wherever they are needed without any manual effort. This means you can save up to 80 percent of work effort in your bookkeeping.

Opencart shop merchants can now add the GetMyInvoices Extension, which adds an integration for the API, so that they can automatically export their A/R invoices to their GetMyInvoices account. The relevant information, like invoice number or amount, can be read and further processed automatically, while new documents are recognized and computed almost in real-time. With the automated process you will save time and money. All invoices will be in one location in our secure document archive and no additional staff for your invoice management is needed anymore.
Discover how GetMyInvoices can help you to improve efficiency in your business!

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