Getting Started with SMS Marketing: Examples, Best Practices, and Tips for Beginners

If you're thinking of expanding your marketing strategies, SMS marketing should be on top of your list.

With an open rate of 98%, according to Gartner, this channel of communication is highly efficient for reaching out to your customers. Inclusive, instant, and interactive, SMS marketing holds immense potential, especially for beginners.

Our guide here will take you through the ins and outs of getting started in SMS marketing, detailing some successful examples, best practices, and must-know tips for beginners. Dive in and watch your customer engagement skyrocket like never before!

What Is SMS Marketing?

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Utilized by marketers, SMS Marketing emerges as a strategic tool for sharing promotional content and timely updates through text messages, complemented by the integration of social media tools. This marketing method is valuable for broadcasting alerts, news, relevant marketing material, discounts, product changes, or service modifications to your customer base.

To master SMS marketing, it's vital to understand its three fundamental categories:

  1. Promotional Texts: Promotional texts help you effectively promote your services or goods. This is done via discounts, flash sales, or for sharing new products.

  2. Transactional Texts: Transactional messages serve to update and provide information related to a product or service that a customer has made use of. These include but are not limited to delivery progress updates, confirmation notifications for bookings, and alerts regarding account balances.

  3. Service-Based Texts: Messages under this category are sent to customers in response to specific actions they've undertaken. For example, if a customer makes a transaction with their bank account, they would receive a related SMS notification.

Why Is SMS Marketing Important Today?

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The common question today is, with the rise of social media and other digital channels, is SMS marketing still relevant? The answer is a resounding yes! 

A more personalized and direct form of communication is now in fashion. A lot of businesses are turning towards SMS marketing to establish that unique and special connection with their customers.

This method has proven to be effective by giving businesses a direct line of communication with customers on their mobile phones/tablets. It not only enhances brand visibility but also significantly escalates customer engagement levels. To add a touch of modernity, businesses are even incorporating animated logos in their SMS marketing strategies, creating a dynamic and visually appealing aspect that captures the attention of customers and enhances overall brand experience.

Let's look at how SMS marketing helps businesses:

  • Impressive Open Rates: With SMS messages, you get an open rate of up to 98%, leading to chances of getting read promptly. This guarantees that your message has a high probability of being seen and, even more importantly, acted upon, providing a real competitive advantage against other marketing channels like e-mail that can't reach comparable open rates.

  • Speedy Deliverability: In marketing, every second counts, and SMS marketing indeed counts every second. Right after you hit "send," your message pops up almost instantly on the recipient's device. Such rapid delivery proves particularly beneficial when quick information spread is essential.

  • Extensive Reach: Today, mobile devices are owned by over 5 billion people worldwide, positioning SMS marketing as a tool with a vast potential reach for your promotional activities.

5 SMS Marketing Best Practices

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While creating a successful SMS marketing campaign may initially appear daunting, we'll simplify the process for you, ensuring a seamless and effective approach.

1.  Plot Objectives for SMS Marketing

The first step to a successful SMS marketing campaign is to lay down well-defined goals. Is your goal to generate more traffic? Or do you want to sell more products, increase event participation, or provide a better customer experience?

No matter what your aims are, they should align with the fundamentals of being precise, quantifiable, achievable, pertinent, and time-bound. This principle is popularly known as the SMART goals concept.

2.  Create a List of Subscribers

Building a robust subscriber list forms the bedrock of your SMS marketing strategy. It's vital to remember – SMS marketing thrives on permission. Consequently, it's crucial to limit your SMS traffic exclusively to contacts who have willingly subscribed to your list and not to send cold SMS messages.

3.  Select the Best Platform

There are many such platforms that you can choose from, but if you are looking for one for e-commerce, you can effectively use Before you select a platform, it's crucial to take into account factors such as user-friendliness, cost-effectiveness, a range of features, and quality of customer support.

Make sure you don't rush into marketing quickly! Taking the time to navigate through free trial periods and thoroughly examine user reviews is a smart move. This cautious approach will help you make an informed decision and ensure that the selected platform aligns seamlessly with your business goals and objectives.

4.  Craft Persuasive SMS Messages 

A standout SMS message should embody three key elements: an unambiguous call-to-action (CTA), meaningful content, and a personal touch targeting the recipient.
Evoke an emotional response within your customers by making them feel unique. This will help you increase their propensity to fulfill the action you're nudging them toward.

5.  Track Your Performance 

The most important step of all is to look out for the performance of your campaign continuously.
Make sure you take an active role in understanding what works and what doesn't for you. While most SMS marketing platforms provide analytics features, you can also leverage third-party tools as needed.

Effective Techniques for Successful SMS Marketing

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To transform a simple SMS into a formidable marketing tool, a strategic approach needs to be adopted. Here, we share some best practices to improve the effectiveness and impact of your campaign. 

  • Content and Timing Are Keys: Your message's content, length, and timing can influence your engagement rate significantly. Try to keep your messages short and to the point while making sure the correct time to share them for maximum engagement.

  • Always Personalize: Don't sound like a robot when sending SMS. Facilitate higher engagement levels by sending tailored messages that include the recipient's name, preferences, or past purchases. This approach will make your messages more memorable too.

  • Embed Clear Call-to-Action (CTA): Having clear next steps in your messages, like prompting a purchase, visiting a website, or subscribing to a service, is imperative. This highlights what your customers should do after reading your SMS.

  • Improve With User-Generated Content: Level up your email marketing with the power of user-generated content (UGC). Let your customers and UGC creators be the stars, showcasing their stories, photos, and experiences.  Sharing this It’s not just selling it's about building a Community as well. Brands have seen time and again how UGC helps them increase conversions, build trust, and add a personal touch to their posts.

Examples of SMS Marketing Campaigns

Understanding theoretical concepts is crucial, but examining real-world examples brings a new layer of understanding. 

Here's how various firms have capitalized on SMS marketing to bolster their business results:

Company Name

Campaign Description



Sent personalized SMS notifications about a one-day shopping event.

Grew their sales by 17.9%.


Used SMS messages to incentivize test drives with a chance to win event tickets.

15.4% conversion rate.

Defining your objectives, understanding your audience, and being creative yet precise with your text messages are the stepping stones to a successful SMS marketing journey. The high ROI and broad reach make SMS marketing an essential tool in your marketing toolbox. So, leap into this incredible opportunity with knowledge and confidence. 

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Diving into SMS marketing can seem daunting at first, but it's a dynamic tool useful for engaging your customers effectively. Remember, the key is personalization, relevance, and timeliness.

Success in SMS marketing isn’t instant, but with patience and strategy, a rewarding marketing channel awaits you. Make sure you start slow, learn from the best practices and examples discussed, and don't forget to track your progress. This way, you will not only hone your skills but also refine your approach based on real-time insights.