How OpenCart Cloud Can Help Your E-commerce Business Grow

This year, forecasters expect global retail e-commerce sales to grow by 8.9 percent. The growth highlights the profit potential of the e-commerce industry, making it more appealing to new entrepreneurs.

However, people who want to sell their products and services online must first learn how to set up their e-commerce business. OpenCart Cloud is a platform to help entrepreneurs set up online stores quickly and efficiently. Read on to learn how this solution can support your e-commerce business plan.

What is OpenCart Cloud, and how does it work?

OpenCart Cloud is an e-commerce solution designed to help entrepreneurs sell their products and services online easier. The solution allows users to launch an online store, manage inventory and orders, and accept customer payments.

It has a user-friendly interface, allowing e-commerce store owners to customize the look and feel of their platform. It can also integrate well with other cloud products you may use like your VOIP, CRM, or Cloud storage solutions. OpenCart Cloud also provides high-quality customer service to help organizations address technical issues.

OpenCart Cloud Features and Their Benefits

There are several e-commerce platforms today that promise quick-and-easy setups to users. However, OpenCart Cloud goes above and beyond for its customers. Take a closer look at the unique features and see how they can help you build your own online business platform.

Unlimited categories and products

OpenCart is an open-source platform that empowers you to modify the platform however you want. This solution allows users to create unlimited categories and even subcategories to assign unlimited products.

The flexibility and scalability of this platform give business owners the space they need to grow their online stores.

Innovative shopping for customers

This shopping cart software allows users to easily create filters like they create categories. The filter helps customers easily find what they want in your store, which is crucial for a positive shopping experience.

OpenCart Cloud also enables a multilingual and multi-currency shopping experience. With these features, you can sell in any language and currency and get customers anywhere. 

Administrator solutions

This e-commerce solution has an administrator dashboard that provides users with crucial transaction information. This dashboard highlights orders, sales, customers, and other sales analytics.

It also allows users to set advanced user privileges, which can be helpful if your store has several employees performing different roles.

OpenCart Cloud allows you to manage multiple stores from a single admin interface. With this feature, you can do the following tasks on one platform:

  • Set products to appear in different stores

  • Localize store settings

  • Select different themes for each store

  • Change per-store product prices

Comprehensive payment gateways

There are 36 payment methods integrated with OpenCart, providing customers with many options for paying for their purchases. Store owners can also download other payment extensions available in the OpenCart marketplace.

OpenCart Cloud also lets users set up recurring payments for customers. Using this solution, you can also receive payments through subscriptions or installations, giving you more control over how to charge buyers.

Open-source for excellent performance and security

OpenCart Cloud is an open-source solution that uses cloud-based technology to empower users to build a secure online store. This advantage also means users do not have to worry about server management, allowing them to establish an e-commerce presence without paying for expensive hosting solutions.

OpenCart Cloud vs. Other Hosting Solutions

This section outlines the differences between OpenCart Cloud and other existing e-commerce solutions, specifically Shopify and PrestaShop. After reading, you can decide which one best suits your needs. Here’s a quick look at OpenCart’s best features and pricing information.

OpenCart Cloud features:

  • Administrator dashboard

  • Unlimited products for scalability

  • Supports multilingual and multi-currency shopping

  • Comprehensive payment gateways

  • SEO- and mobile-friendly platforms

OpenCart Cloud pricing:

  • Bronze - $99 per month, suitable for small businesses

  • Silver - $149 per month, designed for small and medium-sized organizations

  • Gold - $229 per month, perfect for enterprises

eCommerce Website Load Speed:

eCommerce Platform

Load Time

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Shopify is a famous online store builder that provides unlimited storage to users and lets them post unlimited products. The user-friendly platform allows you to create a live store in just a few hours.

Shopify features:

  • Marketing and advertising tools

  • Unlimited storage

  • Global selling

  • Checkout, shipping, and payment integrations

  • Analytics and reporting

Shopify pricing:

  • Basic - $19 per month

  • Shopify - $49 per month

  • Advanced - $299 per month


PrestaShop is a free and open-source solution allowing users to create and manage online stores. Its marketplace has an extensive selection of free and paid extensions, covering any functionality of the free solution.

PrestaShop features:

  • Activity dashboard

  • Sales and orders statistics

  • Inventory management, such as out-of-stock alerts and item tracking

  • Advanced SEO capabilities

  • Visitors Statistics

PrestaShop pricing:

  • Free to download and use

Grow Your E-commerce Company With OpenCart Cloud

OpenCart Cloud is an e-commerce solution that provides businesses with an effective way of managing or founding online stores. The solution’s impressive range of features makes it a wise choice for entrepreneurs who want to build an online reputation among consumers.