Inspirational success stories to get your business growing

Whether you’re in the start-up phase or years into a well-established business, discovering hacks and insights from others who have blazed a trail before you and are thriving is not only inspiring but it can help take your business in a new direction.

Here are four real-life success stories of entrepreneurs like you that have adopted Afterpay or Clearpay in their business with positive effect

Restated Vintage

"Our sales doubled with Afterpay."

 In 2018, Australian fashion retailer Restated Vintage started offering Afterpay and the effect was immediate. “Our sales doubled instantly,” says founder Ben Randall.

Offering Afterpay was a straightforward decision given most of their customers are under 30. Around 70% of Afterpay's global active customers are Millennial or Gen Z.¹

“Our customers are our number one priority… and Afterpay offers flexibility for our customers. It makes it more manageable for customers to handle the upfront costs.”


"Afterpay is great for small business."

Iconic lifestyle brand Poketo was founded in 2003 by husband-and-wife team Ted Vadakan and Angie Myung. In 2019, they introduced Afterpay— a The couple value the fact that Afterpay lets their customers buy something right away—even if they’re between pay checks—whilst still being easy on their pocketbook.

But it’s not just the customers who benefit. Since signing up to Afterpay, the Afterpay Shop Directory has sent 94,000 referrals² to their website.

“It was also really easy and seamless to integrate into our systems… and easy for our team [to use] too,” says Vadakan.

Amarante London

"Clearpay has helped grow average order value.”

The sustainable florist loved by Millennials the world over was launched in 2019, just before COVID-19 became a thing. It was the brainchild of founder Kiran Seehra, who came up with the idea after learning about the damaging environmental effects of fresh flowers.

Offering Clearpay was an extension of Amarante’s focus on positive customer experience, and Seehra says that a significant proportion of her customers now use Clearpay, which has helped grow average order value.

Today, Amarante is a 7-figure business shipping to 250 countries.

Dazey LA

“The day we installed it [Afterpay], we had a huge sales day.”

When Los Angeles fashion designer Danielle Nagel partnered with Afterpay, she knew it would be popular. But she couldn’t have guessed how much it would help her business.

The art-driven apparel and accessories brand wanted to offer its younger customers a way to spread out the costs of LA Dazey’s high-quality, sustainably-made products, and Afterpay fit the bill.

Having Afterpay on board has increased average order value at Dazey LA, with Afterpay customers spending 30 per cent more on average.

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1. Afterpay FY 2021 Presentation.


3. Q4'21 Public Metrics Summary.