Ready to get started with Facebook for OpenCart?

Ready to get started with Facebook for OpenCart? Now you can easily integrate Facebook solutions with your website

1. Facebook Business Extension: Facebook Connects Businesses with People

Marketing on Facebook helps your business build lasting relationships with people, find new customers and increase sales for your online store. With the Facebook business extension, we make it easy to reach the people who matter to your business and track the results of your advertising across devices. This extension will help you:

Maximize your campaign performance

Set up the Facebook pixel to build your audience, optimize your ads for people likely to buy and reach people with relevant ads on Facebook after they’ve visited your website.

Find more customers

Connect your product catalog to automatically create carousel ads that showcase the products you sell and attract more shoppers to your website.

Generate sales among your website visitors

When you set up the Facebook pixel and connect your product catalog, you can use dynamic ads to reach shoppers when they’re on Facebook with ads for the products they viewed on your website. This will be included in a future release of Facebook for OpenCart.

Measure the results of your ads

When you have the Facebook pixel set up, you can use Facebook ads reporting to understand the sales and revenue that resulted from your ads.

Many online retailers have found success using the Facebook pixel. Sharing an example of one such retailer - 

The ability to measure sales was the first sign that our business would be a success. Our first day of breaking 100-plus sales always sticks out. Point blank, our marketing plan is Facebook, Facebook, and more Facebook… Facebook is 100% the backbone of our customer acquisition efforts and it’s been made even better with the improved Facebook pixel — Ali Najafian, co-founder, Trendy Butler

What’s included?

Installing the Facebook pixel allows you to access the features below:

  • Conversion tracking: See how successful your ad is by seeing what happened as a direct result of your ad (including conversions and sales) 
  • Optimization: Show your ads to people most likely to take a specific action after clicking on them, like adding an item to their cart or making a purchase 
  • Re-marketing: When people visit your website, reach them again and remind them of your business with a Facebook ad 

2. Facebook Shops on Pages: Increase sales by creating an online Facebook store

With the Facebook shop section, we enable businesses to showcase their products and drive sales from their Facebook Business Page.

List your catalog

It takes just a click to send your entire catalog to Facebook. Any changes made on your OpenCart website are automatically synced with your Facebook shop.

Merchandise your products

You can organize your products into collections and even tag them in photos to improve visibility and highlight your best sellers on both Instagram and Facebook.

Mobile-friendly shopping

The Facebook shop section offers a beautiful shopping experience on all mobile devices, letting you showcase your products on any screen.

What’s included in the Facebook Shop Integration?

The shop section is a tab you can add to your Facebook business Page that lets you display your products right on your Page. It’s ideal for merchants, retail and eCommerce advertisers who want to reach customers on Facebook.

3. How to install the Facebook Business extension?

  • Step by step video guide for installing the Facebook Ads Extension Video Link 
  • Additional installation step required for OpenCart v3.x Video Link 
  • Step by step video guide for setting up the Facebook Ads Extension Video Link 
  • Step by step video guide for setting up permissions for Facebook Ads Extension Video Link 

Frequently asked questions

1. What should I do if I already have the Facebook pixel installed on my OpenCart website?

If you've already installed the Facebook pixel and are running Facebook dynamic ads, you don't have to use the Facebook Business Extension in OpenCart.
If you've set up the Facebook pixel but not dynamic ads, or you think you may have set up the Facebook pixel incorrectly, you should use the Facebook Business Extension to get everything set up. Keep in mind you'll have to manually remove your existing Facebook pixel code from your website before starting, otherwise you'll have 2 versions of your pixel on your website. Having 2 versions on the Facebook pixel can lead to:

  • Campaign results doubling (ex: 2x the number of actual conversions) 
  • Cost per result being halved in your reports 

If you remove your existing pixel and start over with the OpenCart plugin, we recommend pausing your active campaigns first and re-installing right away. This way, you'll minimize any impact on your website custom audiences and conversion counts.

2. I am getting an error message saying that the OpenCart installation failed or Could not upload file.

The plugin requires you to give write access to these folders on your OpenCart server. Please check with your server administrator to enable the write and execute permission access rights.

  • admin/controller 
  • admin/language 
  • admin/lanugage/en-gb 
  • admin/language/english 
  • admin/model 
  • admin/view 
  • admin/view/image 
  • admin/view/javascript 
  • admin/view/stylesheet 
  • catalog/controller 
  • catalog/view/javascript 
  • system/library 
  • system/storage/modification 

3. I have installed the OpenCart plugin but I am unable to see the Facebook Business Extension module from the menu bar.

You will need to refresh the server modifications cache for the changes to be reflected. Select Extensions and click on modifications. Click on the refresh button, which is a blue icon, on the top right of the screen.

4. I am getting an error message saying “Unable to access permissions” when I clicked on the Facebook Business Extension.

Facebook Business Extension is a new module added to your OpenCart platform and you will need to give permissions access for your OpenCart login account. By default, the “Administrator” user group is given full access to the Facebook Ads Extension module upon installation. 

  • Select System, Settings and click Users. 
  • Locate your user account and click on Edit button. Identify the user group. 
  • Select System, Settings, and click User Groups. 
  • Locate your user group and click on Edit button. Select the facebook/facebookadsextension in the Access and Modify permissions. 
  • Click on save button. 

5. I see an error that says “We're unable to proceed since the selected page has already been configured for the Facebook Business Extension”

If you see this error, it means that your Page is associated with another store. You'll need to decide whether you want to keep the Facebook Page associated with your old OpenCart store, or associate it with a different store. Here's how you can change your Page's association:

  • Select Remove connection with {your page name}. 
  • Click OK. 
  • You can now select your Page from the drop-down menu. 
  • Select Next and continue with the normal installation process. 

6. Why am I seeing “There is an error with Facebook Business Extension setup” 

Please download the latest version of the plugin, delete existing setup and restart the setup again.

7. Will Facebook dynamic ads stay up to date with my stock changes?

Yes, we'll sync with your OpenCart site immediately when you make any modifications to the products.

8. How many product catalogs can I use with this setup?

You may only use 1 product catalog.

9. I want to also reach people who have not visited my website or app, what should I do?

You can drive new potential customers to visit your website, or to take a specific action, by creating an ad campaign using the website conversions objective. Learn more about how to optimize your ad sets for conversions 

10. My advertiser pays a third party to manage their OpenCart site, what should I do?

That's fine. Just be sure that the third party is added as an administrator to the advertiser's Facebook page and ad account.

Need help? Visit Facebook’s Advertiser Help Center 

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