How SEO Can Crank Up Your OpenCart Store to First Page of Google

OpenCart is an open-source platform that allows entrepreneurs from all across the globe to create their eCommerce sites. It comes with a plethora of features that are tailored to make your store truly your own. With more than 1300 themes and modules at your disposal, you can customize your site to your liking and profit from the ever-growing eCommerce industry.

Just like any other business website, it is imperative to invest in SEO to crank up your OpenCart store to the first page of Google. Here are facts on how SEO can help you realize the full potential of your eCommerce store.

Extensive Keyword Research

While it's great to rank on the first page of Google, if you are not ranking for the right keywords you will not get any tangible results. Based on this fact, it is imperative to hire an SEO team to do extensive keyword research for your OpenCart store.

Inclusion of these keywords in the meta titles, meta descriptions, CTAs, and other content pieces such as product descriptions will ensure that your site pops up on the first page of search engine results pages.

70% of traffic to sites comes from long-tail keywords so don’t ignore them. The long-tail keywords are ideal for other pages that may not be ranking as highly as the homepage.

Remember the success of your OpenCart site is dependent on how well each page ranks.

Content Marketing

I'm sure you have come across this term before "Content is King". Your OpenCart store needs to have stellar content that is relevant to your niche to pass the intended message to the target customers. This content needs to be carefully crafted by a professional content writer with hands-on experience in SEO and creative writing.

Needless to say, quality content that resonates with the information your audience is looking for will keep visitors glued to your store thereby giving you more chances to convert. A professional SEO agency in Hong Kong can help you create this content and monitor it continuously to ensure that it continues to perform well.

Research shows that 70% of online customers prefer learning about a company through a blog post instead of through corporate messaging and other conventional forms of content. It is recommendable to create an informational blog that is related to the products you are selling. Each blog should have the targeted keywords to further increase the chances of your eCommerce site been ranked on the first page and outranking your competitors.

The human brain is wired to process visuals faster and better than blocks of text. Research shows that a majority of eCommerce website visitors spend 2.6 times more on pages that have videos and other visuals than those without. This, however, does not mean that the entire blog section should be filled with visuals such as infographics.

Instead, the visuals should be evenly distributed in the blogs and various sections of your store to grasp the attention of potential customers. The SEO team will create the visuals and incorporate them into the content for you.

Website Organisation and Layout

One of the main reasons why most online stores fail is because they do not pay attention to the organisation and layout of the site. Friction points hinder customers from completing a purchase resulting in a high cart abandonment rate.

By hiring a pro SEO expert in Hong Kong, you will be able to know these friction points and eliminate them. The expert will also use advanced monitoring software to understand how clients interact with various pages. With this information, they will make recommendations and implement them to supercharge your OpenCart store.

For example, the expert may decide to create one or more landing pages for specific products that are on high demand or available at discounted prices.

Link Building

A backlink is one of Google's strongest eCommerce ranking factor. The more outbound links you get from credible sites, the higher the chances of your OpenCart store been listed at the top.

As an OpenCart store owner, you may not find time to write guest posts and distribute them on websites. Luckily, a credible SEO agency in Hong Kong can do all the hard work for you and ensure that your store has a healthy backlink profile.

The agency will scout for sites that are related to your niche, pitch, and submit guest posts with links pointing back to your store. They are also more conversant with the best link building strategies and will not spare any resource to get you as many links as possible.

Email Marketing Support

Email marketing coupled with robust content marketing strategies will catapult your OpenCart store to the next level of success. But for it to succeed, you need to collect emails of potential customers and reach out to them regularly via email.

SEO team will help you come up with ingenious/smooth ways of collecting the emails without painting a negative image of your brand to customers. They will also create email copy, CTAs, and newsletters and advice you on the right time to send the emails.

Note that if the content in the emails you send out is wrong, the recipients will not bother to open and read them. And if they do, they will not take the desired action.

The best SEO team will cushion you from such unfortunate occurrences and ensure that you get utmost value for money from every email that you send out.

Search Engine Marketing (PPC)

As the name suggests, search engine marketing entails promoting your OpenCart store on Google and other search engines. Whenever someone uses one of your target keywords to lookup information on Google, your ad will be displayed automatically at the top of the other search engine results. Since most online customers click on the top results, they will click on the ad and be directed to your store.

Unlike other forms of digital marketing, you will only be charged based on the number of people who click on the ad. This is why this method of marketing is referred to as Pay-Per-Click. Another benefit of PPC is that even if the target audience does not click on the ads, you will still benefit from free exposure. This will, in turn, boost your brand awareness efforts. The prospects that don't click on the ad but saw it might at a later date visit the store directly and make a purchase.

The SEO team will create ideal PPC campaigns for your store by bidding for the right target keywords. They will also monitor the results to know which ads are performing and which ones are not. The non-performing ads can be tweaked or deleted to save you money for other business errands.

Continuous Website Assessment

Your OpenCart store needs to be assessed regularly to determine its performance. The SEO agency you hire in Hong Kong has the tools and expertise required to do a thorough assessment of your store and make the necessary adjustments.

For example, a content audit will pinpoint the specific pieces of content that need to be improved. For example, if a particular product description or CTA is not performing, the SEO team will revamp it by writing it again or redesigning the CTAs.

Most online customers are impatient and will not bother to stick on the site if it takes too long to load. Too many videos and un-optimised images are two plausible causes for the slow speed. The assessment will determine your site speed and make the necessary adjustments to improve it.

Concisely, a website assessment report will help you to know the strong and weak areas on your site and make the necessary recommendations as well as rectifications. A select group of SEO experts are of the idea that site load speed is also a ranking factor. Improving your OpenCart store load speed will increase your chances of getting ranked on the first page of Google.

Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms are digital marketing powerhouses. The most successful OpenCart store has invested in one or multiple social media marketing campaigns that help it connect with thousands of potential customers without spending a fortune.

The SEO team not only focuses on optimizing your store but also boosting its profitability. They will create social media marketing campaigns for you and just like other digital marketing strategies; they will monitor them to gauge its performance. For example, they will schedule posts, create ads, and manage your social media pages on your behalf.

Google bots will definitely note the increase in traffic to your store and consider your OpenCart store as an authority and adjust its ranking in SERPs positively.

Closing Remarks

If you want your OpenCart store to be listed on the first page of Google and generate sales, invest in the best SEO services in Hong Kong.

SEO Hero is renowned and best known for providing exceptional SEO services to online stores that yours. Our personnel are extensively trained and we maintain a high level of professionalism during and after service delivery.

Get in touch with us for more information on how our SEO services can get your OpenCart store to the first page of Google.






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