How To Start Hyperlocal Business in Covid-19

How To Start Hyperlocal Business in Covid-19

During the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the only way to be safe is to stay at home but while staying at home, the question arises what about the essential facilities that each one of us needs in our mundane life.

To solve the problem and to keep each one staying at home safely, many hyperlocal brands like Door Dash, Rappi, Zomato, Swiggy, Grub Hub, Postmates are overworking so that supply of essentials like food, groceries, and medicines can be provided to the nearby areas.

If you are also willing to help the society by delivering on-demand essentials then this is the best time to start your own on-demand near me marketplace or hyperlocal business.

Why to use Hyperlocal System

In the current situation, the Hyperlocal system has become the rumble for all in a wink and has also provided wings to all the newcomers in the eCommerce Industry to grow at a double pace.

Hyperlocal system or on-demand near me marketplace helps the customers to connect with local stores of particular geographical areas and also gives them a better experience of shopping by providing them fast delivery of the purchased products.

Through the hyperlocal system, the customers can select on-demand services according to their needs, qualities, and nearest proximity as well.

Now if you are pondering to establish an on-demand marketplace system then instead of creating a hyperlocal Marketplace from scratch which will be a tedious task, using a ready to use hyperlocal Marketplace can be the best choice.

Converting Hyperlocal Marketplace into Mobile App

After developing the full-functioning hyperlocal marketplace, the next step that will boost both the sales and revenues on large scales will be converting the hyperlocal marketplace into a mobile app. Using the hyperlocal mobile app will be a boon for both the sellers and the buyers.

As most of the buyers are not familiar with using websites so now even those buyers can make purchases easily. Now, with the help of a Hyperlocal mobile app, ordering food, grocery, and other essentials are now just a touch away. The app can be accessed from anywhere and anytime via smartphone.

Key-features of Hyperlocal Marketplace

1. Detecting locations

Entering Locations is the most important feature of a Hyperlocal system. The hyperlocal system should be accurate in calculating the nearby distances so that the customers can easily search for the products within their range. This will provide a better shopping experience to the customers and will also increase the accuracy.

A fully functioning hyperlocal system will allow the customers to enter their locations and search the products according to their location.

2. Managing Fast delivery:

When purchasing products from the Hyperlocal system every buyer desires for fast delivery. Having a system where delivery of products can be managed by assigning them to delivery boys and managing the profiles of delivery boys can help in the fast delivery of the products.

Integrating a hyperlocal mobile app with the Delivery boy Mobile app will make delivery faster within the timeline. Delivery Boy Mobile app will also help the customer in tracking the order and providing the chat facility to establish a link among the store owner, delivery boys, and the customers.

Also for the safe delivery of orders and confirming the orders, OTP can be sent to the customer. The customer can share the OTP with the delivery boy for the confirmation.

3. Optimizing search for products:

Scrolling down the long list of products and then checking the availability of that product for delivery becomes tiring for customers due to which customer loses the interest in purchasing the product.

Introducing the feature where products are displayed according to the location entered will help the buyers in making a quick decision regarding the purchases.

So in conclusion, using our Opencart Hyperlocal Marketplace would help you to create an on-demand business in these tough situations of COVID-19.

Also, the hyperlocal marketplace must have the above-explained features to help their customers in a better way. It will enhance the customer experience and hence will increase both the sales and revenue in the store.

If you have any queries or requirements regarding the Hyperlocal Marketplace, then you can mail us at so that our team can assist you in better terms. 

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