Why and How to Use Article Marketing for Link Building?

Promotion of the site in Google is one of those tasks that business owners want to implement in the first place. This is due to the fact that getting the first positions in the issue automatically means increased traffic and the possibility of increased sales.

Many marketers indicate that such results can be achieved only through a comprehensive approach, which includes building a referral profile. It is an essential part of search engine optimization because it ensures that a website meets the criteria set by Google. It is about authority, usefulness, and reliability.

If a resource has quality backlinks, search algorithms consider it relevant and useful for users. Positions in this case begin to grow. After realizing the value of the method, many business people want to know how to build such links. The answer is simple - unique and useful articles. We suggest you learn how they can be used for link building and what advantages they provide.

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Effective methods of using articles to get backlinks

The main principle to follow when creating content for link building is the benefit to the reader. According to Desire Marketing a dedicated link building company, if a post is of genuine interest, users often share the post with others, leave comments, and otherwise engage. All this affects ranking and evaluation by search engines. The more activity, the better for the web resource. To achieve such results and get high positions in the issue, you should use several methods.

Creating articles for guest blogging

This is one of the best methods of using content for link building. According to Hubspot, 56% of marketers consider blogging to be an effective tactic. In addition, some experts indicate that this method provides the highest return on investment. Research allows us to draw a conclusion about the relevance of guest blogging and the high effectiveness of this tactic.

By choosing it, you can count on the creation of organic links that help attract a truly interested audience and increase the authority of the site. Experts from the WhenIPost.com guest posting agency point out that an important aspect here is the choice of proven platforms in a specific niche.

These should be web resources on which there is activity and quality material is periodically published. Another important factor is giving the blog owner the opportunity to place in the article at least one link to the site of an expert who shares useful information. This significantly increases the chance of conversions and also contributes to increasing recognition.

Reflections on eternal themes

Publications on topics that are relevant regardless of the season and existing trends are called eternal. That is, these are articles that will be of interest to readers both now and in the future. This is a win-win strategy that will build a solid link profile for years. In this case, you can count on several advantages:

  • A result with a long-term perspective

  • Saving money

  • A reliable basis for the further formation of a reference profile

To determine which eternal topics relate to a specific field, it is enough to study information on the Internet, analyze the sites of competitors or use the help of a specialist.

Using loose references

Another effective method of link building using articles is to find unrelated mentions of the brand on various media portals. These can be radio station websites, regional news platforms, and other similar platforms. There is a high probability that the administrators of some of them mentioned the company's services or products. This can be used to your advantage, by offering cooperation and in the case of reaching agreements to place a publication.

Replacing broken links

This is an easy and simple to implement method of building backlinks using articles. It involves several stages:

  • Search for broken links (those that do not provide a transition to the site)

  • Creating an article on a relevant topic

  • Appeal to the owner of the resource with a request to replace non-working links with current content

In this case, both parties benefit. In particular, site owners get the opportunity to eliminate gaps in their content and improve the quality of content. That is why there is a high probability that they will agree to post.

The main benefits of using article marketing for link building

The main reason for the popularity of this method is its great potential. Articles are primarily useful material that attracts the attention of users. If they are interested in the topic of the material, then in most cases they react to it in a certain way, which automatically causes the trust of search engines.

The more such articles in the network, the more important the link profile becomes. Among the other advantages that content marketing provides for link building, we can highlight:

  • Increasing positions in the rating

  • Increasing recognition

  • Increase in organic traffic

The listed results must be stored for more than one year. The use of quality articles provides a long-term effect.


Creating interesting and relevant content is one of the effective ways to increase the weight of your link profile and gain the trust of search engines. This is due to the specificity of this method. Articles are created directly for users and are aimed at providing information on a specific request. Receiving answers to their questions, readers show activity and more actively go to the web resource. This automatically increases the effectiveness of link-building.