Check 10 Professional OpenCart Templates with Parallax

Check 10 Professional OpenCart Templates with Parallax
When building a site for eCommerce you should pay particular attention to the functionality. It is vital to choose a proper shopping cart that will help you run your business cost-effectively. One of the most powerful extensions for online stores is OpenCart, which would be an ideal solution provided your web server supports PHP and MySQL. This CMS offers a number of useful features like:
  • Unlimited categories and products
  • Multiple languages and currency
  • Product reviews and ratings 
  • Free Documentation
  • Automatic image resize
  • Low system requirements
  • Faster load speed
These are only some of the features that make OpenCart a standout solution.   
Eye-catching design is as important for an online shop as rich functionality and user-friendly navigation. The problem is that most visitors check the items for sale only if they find your website attractive. However that doesn’t mean that it should be overloaded with effects as the visitors will probably be put off and leave the shop straight away. It is better to have a stylish site with minimal design and advanced functionality to help customers focus more on the products you offer and less on the special effects displayed on the website. 
Parallax is one of the latest trends in the IT world that gives the site a professional look and a personal touch. This effect makes the background of the image move at a slower rate to the foreground as you scroll down the page. In such a way you get a simple but attractive design that will be a perfect fit for any type of online shop. This technology is growing in popularity and yet there are not that many websites that feature parallax. For this reason we have gathered together a collection of pro-designed parallax OpenCart templates by TemplateMonster which will enable you to build a powerful and stylish online store. Check them all and find the best solution for your business. 
1. Spice Store
Spice Store
Spice Store is a template specially designed for grocery stores and it combines a clean and minimal layout with unmatched functionality. A full-width slider and banners with parallax effect give it a hot style and fresh look. 
2. Car Audio
Car Audio
Build a powerful and attractive eStore with this pro-designed OpenCart template. Thanks to a fully responsive design this template automatically adjusts to any screen resolution, so more visitors will be able to access your shop from mobile devices. 
3. Look & Listen
Look & Listen
This template is specially designed for online audio and video stores. It features 3 full-width images with parallax effect, burger menu, galleries with hover effect, etc. 
4. Bikini
Here is another theme that can be used for fashion and lingerie stores. It is loaded with an assortment of custom features like a full-width image in the header section, fixed mega menu, buttons with hover effect and much more. 
5. Fruit Gifts Store
Fruit Gifts Store
This is another template that can also be used for gift and fashion stores. It features an assortment of cool effects that give the site a striking look. In the header section you will find a full-screen background video and fixed mega menu that ensures a user-friendly interface and advanced navigation. In the content section there are two images with parallax effect that add extra style to the homepage. 
6. Watches
With this theme you can build a powerful online store from scratch or refresh the look of an existing one. The Watches template comes loaded with a full-width slider, images with parallax effect, mega menu, galleries and buttons with hover effect. 
7. T-Shirt Store
T-Shirt Store
Try this parallax OpenCart template to build an up-to-date online store. It offers a clean and minimal layout that helps visitors focus on the products you offer. 
8. Interior Blinds & Curtains Store
Interior Blinds & Curtains Store
This template offers a responsive design that makes the website perform equally well on any device including desktops, tablets and smartphones. Thanks to images with parallax effect, background video, selectable gallery and other features, this template ensures a striking look and unique style. 
9. Weapons Store
Weapons Store
This theme comes loaded with a clean design and a number of images and buttons with hover effect. In such a way it ensures a simple but fresh look. In the content section there is a full-width banner with parallax effect that adds additional style to the website. 
10. Vetiver
This free ready-made theme for eCommerce features several full-screen banners with parallax effect, fixed mega menu, gallery and buttons with hover. 
Hurry up and make your website look striking with any of the templates we have assembled here. No need to design the site from scratch and pay hundreds of dollars as you can get a ready-made theme at a reasonable price and start an online shop in no time at all.
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