Set up in minutes - Amazon Payments now on OpenCart core

Set up in minutes - Amazon Payments now on OpenCart core 
Start making Amazon customers your customers, easily and quickly 
The new extension for OpenCart is now available on core release*; that means you are only minutes away to setup the Login and Pay with Amazon extension on your OpenCart store.
By enabling Login and Pay with Amazon, you let millions of Amazon buyers’ login and pay on your website using the information that’s already safely stored in their Amazon accounts. 
It’s a fast, trusted checkout process that is familiar to millions of shoppers around the world.  
The Login and Pay with Amazon features on OpenCart include: 
  • Mobile optimization through responsive widgets
  • Account creation through login capabilities
  • No item level details
  • Revised work flow to further reduce check out time
Here’s how it works.
When shoppers visit your site, they’ll see Login and Pay with Amazon as one of the payment options available in on your site with just a few clicks or taps from any device, they can easily complete a purchase with the payment and shipping information already saved in their Amazon accounts. They never need to look for a credit card or enter a shipping address. It’s a seamless process that takes seconds, not minutes — which means a higher conversion rate for you. Plus, you get the same fraud protection technology used by Amazon, while your customers are protected by the Amazon A-to-z Guarantee for qualified purchases.  
Here’s another benefit: when customers Login with Amazon, they are creating an account on your site, so you can retarget them via email and your customers can easily access their order history.
The best part of all? Your customers never leave your site. You own the shopping experience from beginning to end — Login and Pay with Amazon just makes checkout easy and trustworthy. 
Don’t take our word for it - here’s what our merchants says about Login and Pay with Amazon:
  • Increase sales
After just two weeks, Login and Pay with Amazon accounted for 5% of our total sales and this rose to 8%** in the following two weeks Nish Kukadia,, CEO
  • Peace of mind
Fraud detection and chargeback controls are expensive. “I have enjoyed Amazon's technology as both a consumer and merchant.  Its fraud protection is unmatched.” says Hadi Irvani, Founder at PeachDish.
  • Increase conversion
AllSaints, an iconic fashion retailer operating US, UK, and German websites, saw an increase in checkout conversion uplift of 34%** by implementing Login and Pay with Amazon on their site.
Learn more about Login and Pay with Amazon about how to get started with the hassle free setup experience.
For merchants in Germany, we are inviting three early adopters to test and help us shape the product. If your OpenCart store business is based in Germany, please contact us and find out about special rate we offer to the beta tester. 
*OpenCart versions and later already have Login and Pay with Amazon installed; you just need to enable the module in your dashboard and you’re ready to go. If you’re running an older version of OpenCart on your site, Amazon has easy-to-add extensions for versions and older.
** Results provided by merchants. Individual result might vary
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