OpenCart Available Now

Great news!
After months of testing and help from the OpenCart community, we're very proud to announce that the newest version of OpenCart has just been released.
Along with a selection of improvements and bug fixes, OpenCart now features:
  • Support for Composer based libraries
  • Improvements & changes to the events system
  • 3 brand new payment gateways included in the core
  • Multi-language installer
  • Changes to template rendering to reduce code repetitiveness
  • Latest version of OpenBay Pro, now with support for Fulfilment by Amazon
There are now 2 versions available for the OpenCart download - a compiled version and a non-compiled version. The compiled version (which is now the default download) contains all of the external libraries needed to run OpenCart. If you'd like to maintain the Composer installation, you can download the standard files in the non-compiled version and run "composer install". To download the non-compiled version, visit GitHub and download "Source code (zip)" or "Source code (tar.gz)". 
In addition to uploading the normal "upload" folder into your web root, you will also need to upload the composer.json, composer.lock and vendor folder to the folder outside web root.
Over the next couple of days we'll be introducing the latest payment gateways to be added to OpenCart: LAY-BUY, Cardinity and eWAY. Make sure to subscribe to the OpenCart newsletter to receive exclusive offers and discounts from our newest partners.
Ready to try the new version?
Download OpenCart below to get started.

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