Speed Up Your OpenCart Growth with iSenseLabs Freebies

During the past few years, we have prepared a lot of free materials and useful tools that are targeted at beginners and experts alike.

Starting a new E-Commerce store holds a lot of challenges, and we’ve always been committed to make it easier for store owners to overcome them.

In this collection we have assembled a comprehensive list of OpenCart freebies developed by iSenseLabs:

  • Learn how to use the OpenCart admin panel faster

  • Learn how to setup and configure your store settings

  • Extend your store functionality with free modules

  • Enhance your store design with a free OpenCart theme

All of this will help you kickstart your new online shop or improve your existing one so you can make your life easier.

Free OpenCart eBooks and Tutorials

We created three eBooks filled with tutorials, tips and tricks on how to install, setup, configure and improve a store running on OpenCart.

The tutorials contain accurate instructions and screenshots so you can get around the OpenCart ecosystem fast and smooth.

Inside you will find information and details about:

  • Comprehensive info about the OpenCart admin panel

  • Installation, setup and store management

  • DIY guides for modifying your store

  • Security tips and enhancements

  • E-Commerce advice and inspiration

  • Developer tutorials

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Free OpenCart Extensions

OpenCart modules are extra functionalities you can install in your shop. They are used to extend the features in your setup and help you grow your store.

Our collection holds free extensions for:

  • Social Media

  • Email Tools

  • Store Management

  • Payment Methods

  • Customer Reviews

  • Developer Tools

What’s cool about these extensions is they help you add some very important functionalities before you are ready to begin investing in more advanced features.

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Free OpenCart Training Videos

The fastest way to learn how to do something these days is to just watch a short video about it.

We decided to start the iSenseLabs E-Commerce Training Videos and turn OpenCart configurations into small video chunks so users can easily understand how to setup different store settings.

You will learn how to setup your products, categories, how to use the multistore mode, configure SEO settings, manage customers, customize your store with the layout system and much more. We already have 21 videos published and we already working on producing more.

New videos are being published frequently and we will soon be covering a major part of the configuration of OpenCart with video tutorials. Stay tuned and
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Free OpenCart Theme - Radiance

Radiance is our free responsive theme for OpenCart 2.x. It stands out with its modern and responsive design that fits all devices (desktop, tablet and mobile). Here are a few of the theme highlights:

  • New Cart View

  • Modern Search

  • Custom-Built Brands Module

  • SEO-Friendly

  • Multilingual

With Radiance, your OpenCart store will get a complete makeover and give your customers a more intuitive experience, compared to the default theme.

Compatibility with other extensions is not an issue due to the flexible architecture of the template. Try out Radiance and see how it looks on your store.

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iSenseLabs E-Commerce Blog

The iSenseLabs blog is where you can get tons of OpenCart tutorials, guides, tips & tricks, E-Commerce advice, knowledge and inspiration.

We also publish DIY tutorials with code samples of modifications you can apply to your store.

The blog is constantly updated and we publish fresh content every week.
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Wrapping Up

iSenseLabs in cooperation with OpenCart is constantly producing free materials that the OpenCart community can put to use so we can all grow together. We will be working on more free video tutorials and many other solutions in the future, so stay tuned!