Increase your organic traffic with Complete SEO Package

Increase your organic traffic with Complete SEO Package

Search engine optimization (SEO) has proven to be the most profitable long term strategy driving growth. The past five years competition in Googleís SERPs has been increasing, making it incredibly difficult for new entrants to compete. Since all established websites have done at least some on- or off-page search engine optimization, new entrants have to be well-equipped in order to have a fighting chance.

OpenCart websites have traditionally been well received by Googleís algorithm. Now others are catching up, additional SEO improvements are necessary to be able to compete. Just having a decent basic SEO structure is not enough. A thorough technical optimization of on- and off-page elements offers the possibility to surpass competitors and increase search engine visibility.

Complete SEO Package, developed by GeekoDev, enables OpenCart sites to achieve these goals.

Many OpenCart websites use multiple SEO extension to, in the end, achieve the same result. Ranging from SEO Meta optimizers to 404-Managers and SEO content extensions, the overload of SEO extensions has been slowing OpenCart websites down.

Complete SEO Package aims to solve multiple issues with current extensions, including the absence of one all-in-one solution for search engine optimization. By closely monitoring the current market for SEO extensions and the actual benefits of some of these extensions, GeekoDev has developed the most complete SEO extension to date.

Solving usability

One of the dangers of developing an all-in-one solution for something so extensive was overlooking the possible fact that multiple extensions exist because they could not be combined into a single extension. Creating a SEO extension that would be able to do the job that normally multiple extensions would do, might hurt usability and website speed.

GeekoDev solved this possible issue by developing an all-in-one, easy to use, interface where all settings can easily be managed.

Complete SEO Package for Opencart

With Complete SEO Package, users can easily optimize their website for multiple search engines. Broken links can be found and redirected with the Not Found URL manager. Linking between SEO related content and products can easily be done through the Inline SEO Editor, which offers a quick view for your most valuable SEO content. It makes the module oriented for both SEO and productivity improvement.

And donít forget your ëbasicí on-page SEO with the compact but effective editor. Get all your metaís in order with this easy to use editor.

Planning to go worldwide? Complete SEO Package got you covered with the Multistore and Multi-language Management section. Edit in a matter of seconds necessary SEO values for each store and language.

The extension also count with full Rich Snippets that serves one of the latest ërequirementí of the search engine giant. Create relevant rich snippets adherent to Googleís latest guidelines. Add product descriptions, pricing or reviews to your search engine results by using Complete 

Improve your on- and off-page SEO with the most extensive SEO module to date. Easily access important elements of your website through the easy to use interface. Beat your competition and drive organic growth without using five different SEO modules to achieve the same result.

Everything you ever wanted about SEO into one intuitive and powerful extension!

To discover more about Complete SEO Package: click here.

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