5 Reasons to Start an Online Business with OpenCart and What It Can do for Your Business

2021 is coming to end and OpenCart is still a free and open source e-commerce platform that is built on open source technologies. The OpenCart framework is both easy to use and customize. It has a simple user interface, making it easy for any new person to get started online. OpenCart also has a wide range of extensions, which the user can install to get access to additional features.

OpenCart offers a wide range of advantages, from low fees for merchants who use it, to its ability to integrate with social media channels for marketing purposes. However, there are also some disadvantages that come along with this platform such as it lacks customer reviews or detailed product pages.

Top 5 Reasons to Start an Online Business with OpenCart

OpenCart is a free open source software used for e-commerce stores. OpenCart is widely popular because of its clean and easy to use interface. It doesn’t require any specific technical knowledge to operate it. The following are the top 5 reasons why you should start an online business with OpenCart.

1) Open source: The company behind the development of the software is a non-profit organization, meaning that no one owns it and everyone can use it freely without paying any license fees or royalties.

2) Simple to install: OpenCart's installation process is straightforward and easy to follow, even for those inexperienced in web design or programming because there are detailed instructions available at all times on how to set up a fully functioning online store from scratch using this platform.

3) Great community support: Opencart has a great community that engages on dealing with extensions and updated versions of Opencart.

4) Speed of the Website: Opencart is a fast loading site. The script is lightweight built and loads super quick on all types of hosts.

5) Unlimited Product upload: Opencart allows each store owner to upload as many products as possible. There is no limitations to product upload.

Why You Should Choose OpenCart for Your Next Ecommerce Platform

We will now compare OpenCart to other e-commerce platforms and explain why it may be the best choice for your next e-commerce site.

Why OpenCart?

-You can install and customize it to suit your needs with little effort (guidance provided) 

-It's free and open-source


-There's a large community to help you get started

How to Choose the Best Ecommerce Platform for Your Needs

Choosing the right platform for your e-commerce site is crucial because it determines how well your business will do. The best e-commerce platforms will provide you with the right tools and features to get your business off the ground.

Ecommerce platforms offer a variety of features to help you create an online store, manage inventory, and control payments. But not all these features are created equal so it’s important to do some research before purchasing one.

The best e-commerce platforms are designed to help users save time and money, while also focusing on customer satisfaction. They allow you to set up professional storefronts in minutes while still having access to advanced tools like live chat support for technical issues or customer complaints. And they come with many different integrations that can make managing other aspects of your business

Conclusion: Why You Should Definitely go For OpenCart For Your Next Project

OpenCart is a shopping cart program that is open-source. It has a lot of features and integrations, which will make it easier for you to run your business. OpenCart can be easily customized and tailored to suit your requirements.

It is available in the form of free and paid web hosting, which makes it easy for you to get started with an e-commerce website by purchasing this platform.

It also has a variety of add-ons that will help you in managing your website better. For instance, if you want to have a blog set up on the site, there are add-ons available for this purpose as well.

Furthermore, OpenCart comes with a variety of themes that can be used to customize the site according to your requirements or preferences.