Klarna invoice and partial payment methods fully integrated in Opencart

We are pleased to announce, that Klarna’s invoice and partial payment service for e-

commerce – now are fully integrated into Opencart Klarna is Europe’s leading
provider of invoice-based payment solutions. For all Opencart merchants, this means you
can integrate Klarna and start selling to over 100 Million customers overseas at the flip of
a switch!
Why Klarna?
Klarna’s safer and simpler buying process increases your sales by letting your customers
shop using only top-of-mind information and pay after they’ve received the goods. Klarna also
assumes all potential risks, guaranteeing that you always get paid. Klarna currently is available
to over 100 million consumers in 7 European countries.
How does Klarna work?
1. Customers choose to pay by invoice or partial payments and enter their information
2. Klarna guarantees full payment so you can ship immediately
3. Customers pay Klarna after receiving their order – all at once or in flexible
How do you benefit?
Increase your sales – Klarna maximizes your conversion rate by making it safer and
simpler for your customers to shop.
Absolutely no risk – Klarna assumes all potential risks, and guarantees you always get
Easy to integrate and use – Klarna comes fully integrated in Opencart, getting
started is a matter of flipping the switch. And Klarna’s automated invoices and customer
service mean less administration.
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