OpenCart 1.5.6 Released!

The anticipation is now over, as its finally here. OpenCart 1.5.6. Here at OpenCart we have been striving to provide a more user friendly and versatile system. We have looked long and hard about the integrations and feel that we have made huge steps in developing a solution which has superior functionality compared to its rivals.

New Features

OpenBay Pro

OpenBay Pro by Ecommerce HQ is arguably the most powerful marketplace integration tool for OpenCart. Helping you list your products on Amazon EU & US, eBay and It is so quick and easy and has been proven to increase your sales.

We have added it directly into OpenCart version 1.5.6, meaning that you don’t need to download and install it anymore. We hope the partnership with Ecommerce HQ will increase your sales and see you exploring new marketplaces for your products!

OpenBay Pro is constantly in development, improving, adding new features and markets all of the time. You can update the core code for OpenBay Pro at any time to get these changes - no need to update your version of OpenCart.

If you're new to OpenBay Pro you can save 50% for 3 months using the promo code OPENCART

More information about OpenBay Pro

Amazon Payments

Amazon Payments makes shopping on your website even easier. Complimenting your existing payment options, Amazon customers can use the delivery and payment information in their Amazon accounts to complete purchases on your site in just a few clicks.

With OpenCart you can implement Amazon Payments quickly, easily and at no additional cost, giving your customers a convenient and trusted way to pay, while helping to protect your business with Amazon’s fraud technology. Offer the Amazon payment experience on your website.

  • Increase new customer acquisition, conversion & revenue
  • Protect your business with Amazon Payments’ sophisticated fraud detection technology
  • Improve customer satisfaction with a convenient & trusted payment option

You will be pleased to know that the integration process requires very little effort on your part as the backend integration to Amazon Payments is already in place.

More information about Amazon Payments

OpenCart now offers a deeper integration with PayPal, providing merchants with features seldom offered by other shopping carts, such as subscription billing and management, transaction search and refunds from with the OpenCart admin area.

New PayPal modules and updates to the older ones

In addition, there have been a number of improvements made to the existing core PayPal plugins.

All of the integration's have been officially certified by PayPal and OpenCart is now an official PayPal partner: [link to PayPal partner directory].

Paypal Pro Iframe / Payflow Pro iFrame

Previously PayPal Pro iFrame was only available to download in the extensions store. PayPal commissioned the development of this module to include new features and to also allow merchants to install for free by including it in the core of OpenCart payment extensions.

Running PayPal Pro in an iFrame allows merchants to hide the identity of the PayPal payment gateway for their card payments. It also reduces the requirements of a merchant’s PCI compliance, so there is no need for a dedicated server or VPS and penetration testing to become compliant - all payment pages are hosted at PayPal and not on your store.

In addition, it is much more user friendly with your customers not being redirected to PayPal during the payment process.

US users who use PayPal Payflow Pro can also benefit from the iFrame module.

PayPal Express Checkout

PayPal Express Checkout is one of the newer features of PayPal, allowing customers to checkout in just a few clicks. Customers can login to their existing PayPal account and use their existing account details so there is no need to enter information again.

We have also added subscription payments to OpenCart and PayPal Express Checkout is the first payment module that supports the feature. You can create recurring profiles for products so users get billed based on the profile settings.

There is also a new PayPal account search feature! You can now search for PayPal data directly from your OpenCart admin area. View transactions, issue refunds and other tools are now available to help minimize your admin duties.

As you can see we have made some radical improvements to OpenCart and we hope you enjoy and profit as much from these improvements as we know is possible.

You can download the latest version of OpenCart here: