OpenCart 2.0 Beta Available Now

The Beta version of OpenCart 2.0 is now available to download, and we can’t wait for you to try it. You can get involved and help us make OpenCart 2.0 even better by testing the OpenCart 2.0 Beta to find any final bugs or issues before its general release. Whether you’re a developer, a designer, an ecommerce store owner or simply an OpenCart fan - everyone can join in and help to improve OpenCart 2.0. 
How can I help?
We are looking for people to test OpenCart 2.0 with the aim of finding any final bugs, issues or anything that doesn't work correctly before the general release in a few weeks. We want everyone to join in the testing, even if you don't have much experience in web development or design, to ensure that 2.0 is the most user-friendly version of OpenCart yet. 
How do I report an issue?
Reporting an issue has never been easier. If you have encountered a problem with OpenCart 2.0, please report it by registering on our specialised bug tracker and our developers will be able to look into it for you. It only takes a minute to register and you will be able to create new issues, comment on existing issues and vote. To allow our team to work through the issues listed on the bug tracker quickly and efficiently, please check that an issue you have found hasn't already been reported before you add it to the list. As the Beta is constantly being updated with new fixes, make sure to download the newest version before reporting an issue as it may have already been corrected. 
Can I use 2.0 on my live store?
Whilst we have ironed out the majority of the problems associated with OpenCart 2.0, we would strongly advise against installing the Beta version on a live store as we are constantly making changes to it and fixing problems. The official OpenCart 2.0 version will be released in the next few days and will be perfect for live stores. 
What about 1.5.6.x?
One concern with many developers was that they may have hundreds of modules to update / migrate. To try to mitigate this, we will also be maintaining our 1.5.6.x version for 6 months after OpenCart 2.0's release. Whilst we will be promoting 2.0, the 1.5.6 version will still be considered a solid alternative and we will do our best to market to general users that there will be many more extensions available for it until 2.0 gains more traction.
Submit your ideas to our new suggestion site
OpenCart 2.0 is packed full of brand new features and, whilst we are always looking for new ideas and features to include in upcoming versions of OpenCart, we are no longer accepting suggestions for OpenCart 2.0. We will, however, be accepting suggestions for OpenCart 2.1 on our new suggestion site. If you have any ideas or changes that you would like to see included in future versions of OpenCart, please submit them to our suggestion site by clicking here.
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