Increase your sales with OpenCart and Realex Payments

Increase your sales with OpenCart and Realex Payments
Realex Payments has integrated into the core of OpenCart. Being a leading online payment gateway, Realex Payments worked in conjunction with Welford Media, a comprehensive digital agency, to release an extensive new module that supports a rich functionality suite while also providing a simple and straightforward checkout process, ensuring a fast and seamless user experience. As always transactions are processed by Realex Payments, in full compliance with PCI DSS rules.
Are you looking to…
  • Increase mobile conversions?
  • Expand internationally?
  • Improve your fraud management?
  • Enhance your order management abilities?
If you answered yes to any of these, read on to find out how the new OpenCart core integration can help you.
Increase mobile conversions
With mobile commerce on the rise, having a mobile friendly ecommerce store has never been more important to boosting sales and conversion rates. With this in mind our main priority for the integration was that it supported a no hassle responsive design; ensuring the whole customer checkout process was seamless; from adding the initial product to their cart right up to receiving the payment confirmation response.
By utilising the new OpenCart 2.0 responsive template along with Realex Payments’ own responsive products we were able to accomplish this; meaning that our mutual clients have the perfect mobile-friendly ecommerce solution out of the box. So whether you’re using our API (Remote) or Hosted Payment Page (Redirect) integration your customers can take advantage of mobile friendly payments across all devices: desktop, tablets and smartphones. 
Expand internationally
According to The Paypers, 2014 Digital expansion report, 40% of businesses are seeking to reach new geographic markets to expand their online presencei. With the number of merchants expanding their businesses internationally, it was vital for us to make sure the integration accommodated international sales. Merchants who wish to sell abroad and take international orders can use our Hosted Payment Page along with Dynamic Currency Conversion to offer their customers the choice to pay in their own local currency while earning a substantial revenue stream. This service is available to all Realex Payments clients as standard. Our Hosted Payment Page automatically checks the currency of the customer’s card and displays the appropriate choice.
Key Features & Benefits:
  • Simplicity - There is no need for multiple accounts in different currencies, you only require one single currency merchant account. This in turn cuts down on costs and administration.
  • Transparency - Your customer knows in advance the exact amount that will be charged to their card.
  • A Revenue Opportunity - It provides a revenue stream for your business. You’ll receive commission on all DCC transactions.
  • Reporting - OpenCart logs in detail all data about the DCC transaction, so you’ll know the currencies the customer was offered, the conversion rate and which currency they chose.
Improve your fraud management
Security is at the heart of everything we do here at Realex Payments. To ensure our customers have full confidence in their online processing with us we’ve built a full suite of fraud tools and services into the integration. Each order contains a detailed log of the fraud checks performed including:
  • 3DSecure - You can tell whether your customers authenticated themselves successfully or not and protect yourself from chargebacks.
  • Transaction Suitability Score - All transactions are scored against a range of customisable criteria including originating address, bin range, card type and many more. You can also block transactions completely that fail particular standards or set them aside for review.
  • CVN & Address Verification - We will perform CVN and AVS checks on all eligible transactions and post the result back to be displayed and viewed with your order details.


Enhance your order management abilities
We worked closely with OpenCart to ensure the integration provides a holistic solution for our mutual clients; the integration supports our full suite of order management calls directly from the OpenCart admin panel. 
Order Management Abilities include:
  • Settlement Options - The integration supports three settlement types:
    • Delayed (authorise at checkout, capture later)
    • Automatic (authorise and capture at checkout)
    • Multi (authorise at checkout, capture at multiple different times).
  • Capture/Void Funds - You’ll have the ability to review detailed fraud scoring information and capture or partially capture outstanding funds. You can void the transaction if it does not meet your desired criteria.
  • Refund - Full and partial refunds can be issued from the order management screen. We’ll return the funds so you don’t have to handle or store any sensitive data.
"Working with Realex Payments on the integration into OpenCart has been a pleasure from the start. They have adopted the latest technologies to provide an extremely versatile, secure and effective payment solution for any merchant. The combination of features like the Dynamic Currency Conversion and the responsive Hosted Payment Page provide merchants with a market leading payment platform to help their e-commerce store grow." 
Gareth Christian Lim, Director at Welford Media.
To find out more please contact us on or Sign up with Realex Payments today to get two month’s free processing and join the hundreds of OpenCart merchants who trust us to process thousands of orders per week.

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