Three ways to increase profits from your online store with single-click checkouts from Sage Pay


As a growing online business you may be losing repeat customers when shoppers have to enter their card details again. Single-click checkouts are an easy way to 

convert those dropouts into loyal customers. 
‘Single-click’ checkouts use tokenisation to convert sensitive shopper card data into an encrypted series of digits (the ‘token’). This token is recalled on subsequent purchases – removing the need for the shopper to re-enter their card details.
Here are three ways you can increase your profits using tokenised payments from Sage Pay.
1. A seamless checkout process
By registering and save their card details your customers will find it much easier to come back to your site again and make a purchase. You can also build a database of loyal customers to send more targeted promotions. 
2. Get your payment pages mobile ready
Although you may have optimised your site for mobile browsers, or even have a mobile app, you may not have considered the payment process.  Using a single-click checkout means that customers browsing on their mobile or tablet don’t need to fiddle around entering long card numbers – they can simply click and buy. 
3. Secure your profits
Tokenised payments help you on PCI DSS compliance and save you costs too! The token itself is worthless to cyber criminals if you have a security breach because there is no way for them to trace the original card data without the decryption key and the tokens themselves can’t be used elsewhere. 
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