Global Payments exciting new launch with OpenCart

Global Payments exciting new launch with OpenCart
  • Fully integrated order management (Making refunding, settling and voiding transactions possible from OpenCart directly)
  • Detailed transaction logging
  • Customisable transaction routing via subaccounts
  • One stop shop for card processing and gateway


Over the last 10 years we have seen unprecedented change in the retail sector. Most significantly, the rise of online shopping has turned traditional customer habits on their head, generating intense competition for bricks and mortar retailers decreasing high street footfall – but simultaneously creating huge opportunities for new and existing market participants.
Against this backdrop, the way retailers take payments has also been shifting, both in line with changing consumer habits and emerging payments technologies. 
The explosion in online commerce is behind the rising use of cards. Our data showed that the Average Transaction Value (ATV) in eCommerce rose to £7.27 between 2012 and 2013. Retailers are paying increasing attention to every aspect of their eCommerce offering, in particular, integrating payment portals into their sites to enable customers to pay quickly and securely which reduces the chances of abandoned baskets. 
Most brands have established an eCommerce portal to meet consumer appetite for omnichannel shopping, as well as attract additional revenue with minimal overheads. The divide between “face-to-face” and “online” customers has blurred, with virtually all merchants having some form of e-commerce offering in addition to a physical store.  There are also growing numbers of online-only merchants of all sizes. 
With this dizzying growth in online retail, our priority is to deliver an up-to-date, functionally rich payment gateway for both existing and future small/medium enterprise (SME) and corporate merchants. 
Our solution, Global Iris, is a one-stop-shop for card processing, so our customers can utilise both the card processing and gateway solution under one Card Processing Agreement, reducing complexity in the set-up process, and offering consistent expertise throughout the relationship. 
The Global Iris gateway securely connects merchants to Global Payments for real-time Card Not Present (CNP) transactions, providing value-add services like Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) and comprehensive reporting across multiple channels. This gateway product is already integrated into all the major shopping carts and platforms and accepts all leading cards, including American Express, and can support settlement in 13 currencies.
The gateway is scalable and customisable for each customer's needs. For example, fraud rules have a 'standard' setting but can be adjusted by the merchant to meet individual business requirements.
There are options for virtual terminals (for those merchants just wanting to take Mail Order Telephone Order (MOTO) payments), using fully hosted payment pages to redirect payments invisibly to the secure payments gateway and also remote integrations where a merchant can have full control over the content and capture of payments. 
Customers can also incorporate recurring/scheduled payments, and multi-currency capability and, since its launch, Global Iris has added alternative payment methods such as PayPal. 
The gateway is fully inclusive of 3DSecure and fraud screening to protect the end customer. 
The borderless nature of online retailing means that as customers’ international sales and ambitions grow, the addition of DCC to Global Iris, which allows customers to pay in their local currency at checkout, could enable them to increase overseas profits. 
Customers can also use an online presence as a low cost/low risk new market entry model. However they need to ensure they have a good delivery system in place that can ensure timely deliveries as well as accept returns.
We have seen a huge growth in online sales and other CNP transactions in recent years, and their potential to drive retailers' future turnover and profits is clear.  Having the right technology platform in place to satisfy customers' needs and to manage increased traffic is essential if merchants are to make the most of this opportunity. 
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