3 Ways A BlueSnap Payment Gateway Accelerates Sales

3 Ways A BlueSnap Payment Gateway Accelerates Sales


As someone running an eCommerce business, you probably make a point to read up on ways to boost sales. There’s no shortage of advice out there—everything from making video demonstrations to creating a sense of urgency to using promo codes—but most of it overlooks one of the more obvious aspects of making a sale: choosing an effective payment gateway to manage the transaction.


The fact that shoppers reach the last step of the sales process by no means guarantees money-in-hand for you; it just means they have the intent to buy! But without certain features in place in your checkout process, there’s a greater likelihood that cart abandonment, approval failures, or fraud will interfere with completion of a sale. (Don’t let those awesome product videos go to waste.)


BlueSnap is a high-performing payment gateway with built-in features that counteract those potential pitfalls. How do your sales benefit as a result? Take a look:


1. Our global capabilities allow you to successfully expand your business internationally.


International transactions are more challenging than domestic ones. And because 65 percent of consumers would purchase globally rather than locally if the price is right, global sales is an area you can’t afford to ignore. To capitalize on this opportunity, you need a payment gateway that has:


      Multi-currency support. Shoppers will hesitate to click the “Buy” button if the purchase price isn’t displayed in their local currency. Plus, the transaction is less likely to approved by an acquiring bank if it’s not processed in the currency for which the card was issued. A BlueSnap payment gateway supports payment in 100 currencies around the world. Shoppers simply select their preferred currency from a drop-down box during checkout, and they’ll see the converted value they will be charged.

      Intelligent payment routing. If an international transaction is routed to an acquiring bank located in the U.S. (or whatever country the payment gateway is located in), it is more likely to be flagged for fraud, and the sale will be lost. BlueSnap partners with multiple acquiring banks around the world, so we send international transactions to whatever bank is most likely to approve them. And if a transaction doesn’t get approved, it goes to a second bank in an effort to improve your payment conversion success rate.


2. Our full stack of fraud and chargeback tools let you protect and keep more of your revenue.


Card-not-present fraud rose 40% in 2016, which means you need a complete set of powerful tools to combat it. BlueSnap’s fraud detection stack was designed to protect your revenue at every phase of the buying process, from the moment of purchase to well after the sale. As a result you can:


      Stop more fraudulent transactions at the moment orders are placed. We rely on industry leader Kount’s sophisticated fraud technology to prevent criminal fraud in real time.

      Resolve more disputes before chargebacks occur. Chargebacks are a hassle to resolve and often mean extra fees for you. We notify you of reported disputes and about lost or stolen cards, giving you time to resolve issues before card issuers initiate the chargeback process.

      Dispute chargebacks more easily. If you do receive a chargeback, we make it easy for you to challenge it using our online CaseBuilder tool.


3. Our detailed payment reports give you more ways to improve business operations.


Being proactive about managing your checkout processes will result in higher sales—sales that would otherwise be lost to a poorly optimized payment process. But not all payment gateways offer the payment data you need to truly improve your checkout process. With BlueSnap you get a wealth of information, for example, conversion rates by currencies and amounts. You can also parse data according to your needs or push it to your third-party reporting tools using our Reporting API. Having the ability to retrieve data the way you want gives you more flexibility in your analysis—and more powerful insights to help advance your business.

If you’d like to know more about how BlueSnap can accelerate your eCommerce sales, get in touch!

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