Free eBook Download: How to Start an Online Store with OpenCart from Scratch

As everything new, starting an online store is a challenging process. It requires a lot of research, determination and hard work. OpenCart is a free Open-Source platform that powers more than 300,000 online stores. This makes it one of the top 3 most used E-Commerce platforms in the World.


The first step is always the hardest.


We are here to break that rule and make it the easiest. We are happy to introduce the newest FREE eBook - The Definitive Guide to Getting Started with OpenCart 2.x. By OpenCart 2.x we refer to all versions, from 2.0.1.x to 2.3.x).


This book is targeted to new users who want to learn how to use OpenCart. Throughout the book we will show you how to start your store from scratch and how to build your way up to a fully running digital store. You will also learn:


  • How to install OpenCart 2.x.

  • How to make sense of the OpenCart Dashboard

  • How to setup your E-Commerce Store

  • How to Manage Orders and Customers

  • How to Manage your Website Design

  • What are OpenCart Extensions and How to Use Them

  • How to Track Progress and Use Analytics of Your Store Activity

  • And many more…


As always, we have a neat Bonus Section: 8 Additional Posts to Kickstart the Growth of Your OpenCart Shop


This eBook is Free to download and use.


You can access it from any browser and device. Throughout the book, we aimed to give you an overview of the whole admin panel where your daily tasks will take place. It’s easier to run your store knowing that you have step-by-step information that can guide you through all the basics of OpenCart.





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